The ARC’s Autism Now Center (Complete Guide)
National Autism Resource & Information Center
1825 K Street NW, Suite 1200
Washington, DC 20006

Autism NOW is a non-profit autism-related organization. It is a community-based organization. In this organization, they serve and help people with disabilities and their families, mainly people with an autism spectrum disorder. It is funded by the Administration on Developmental Disabilities and many collaborative partners.

They are dynamic and interactive organization. They provide reliable, visible, and effective information, resources, and services. Their targets are mainly individuals with autism, their families, their friends, and the people around them. They provide services to people of all ages. They work nationwide.

They have more than 140000 members. These members are somehow related to autism. They may directly individuals with autism themselves. They may a family member. They may a friend who wants to know everything about his or her friend’s life. Moreover, they may be professionals related to the area. They may be teachers, educators, doctors, pediatricians, professionals, or researchers.

In this center, they provide high-quality resources to everyone who needs that information. They provide support in certain areas. Those areas are mainly early detection, early diagnosis, early intervention, early education and training, transitions, employment, advocacy, inclusion, legal issues, long term services, family support, sibling support, family support, networking, and awareness. They work in local areas, state areas, and national areas. One way or another, they find a way to accomplish their main goals and aims.

Different than other organizations, they provide these reliable sources and support in different languages, which means they are working with different nationalities. They offer fact sheets to everyone get benefit from. These sheets are easy to read and easy to understand. They are very convenient. They provide employment, future planning, inclusion, individualized education programs, relationships and sexuality, self-advocacy, and social security in English, Spanish, and Mandarin.

There are many ways available to be part of this center. Any time you want you can contact the center to participate. You can help them in many ways. You can contribute to the blogs, submit feedback forms, create site videos, share on social media, spread the word, and join webinars. Moreover, if you want, you can work in the call center. Because as we all know autism is a lifelong disorder and the challenges and struggles those individuals have are never-ending. They may need help at any time during the day. And, at this point, call centers are very helpful. You can be part of this supportive, dynamic, and interactive team easily.

It is important to support this organization. They work thanks to donations. As we mentioned above, it is a non-profit organization. It means that it is not funded by the government. It is funded by people who want to help them. With your donation, you can contribute equality and inclusion basically. Thanks to your donation, you give them a chance to live the life they want. You need to keep in mind that with your donations, with your help, with your support, they grow stronger.

They have a different section to offer help to different places of individuals with autism. These areas are home, workplace, classroom, and environment they live in.

  • At home
  • On the job
  • In the classroom
  • In the community

At Home

They provide resources and support to families and siblings of individuals with an autism spectrum disorder. They try to make their lives easier. They provide these supports in 4 main topics. These are lifespan, a network of families who need support, relationships, and understanding autism.
It is important to have emotional support for those families and because of this reason, knowing autism networks are important. Those networks give them support, strength, and power. Even though it is difficult to cope with those challenges, they can find the power to deal with daily routine struggles.

It is already very hard to have a one-to-one conversation and maintain it for individuals with autism. So, having relations is way harder. If it is a romantic relationship, it is hard to even imagine. Dating, marriages, breakups, and those events related to emotions are very challenging for them and at some point they need help. At least, they need to be understood by the other part.

Understanding autism and raising awareness of autism is very important in the autism community. If these can be applied to real life, life will become easier and more livable for individuals on the autism spectrum. In Autism Now Center, they provide everything you need in this context.

On The Job

They provide resources and information about employment options, employment researches, and reports, planning for employment, supported employment, the employment service system, transition planning for job opportunities, and vocational rehabilitation. These are important and challenging steps for individuals with autism.

Thanks to the information they can find in this center, they can easily discover their job opportunities. They help people in the employment process. They make them understand everything about the job they are planning to choose from. In recent years, there is a reverse correlation between autism population and job availabilities for them. In this center, they do research for them and they prepare reports.

It is important to make a plan for employment whether you are on the autism spectrum or not. Nevertheless, it is necessary for those on the spectrum. As we can imagine, it is an essential milestone to get a job. But, for those on the spectrum, it is not an easy milestone to reach. Companies need to support those people and this center finds those companies to make their job searching processes easier.

The employment service system works amazingly in this center. They help coordinate services, funding, and direct job support. As everything you can find in this center, transition planning for job opportunities are also evidence-based. They provide help to adapt them in this century and availabilities of this century.

In order to fulfill the need for a job, more or less each state has a vocational rehabilitation center. They help individuals in order to meet their goals in the job. They assist them to get the job, to keep the job, and to regain employment. As a conclusion, in this center, the autism community can easily find the job-related information and help easily.

In The Classroom

As the name implied, in this section, they provide education-related resources and information. They have some main topics to make a clarification. These topics help for college students, individualized education programs, individuals with disabilities education act, post-secondary education, and transition planning.

The transition could be stressful and give anxiety to anyone in the college. It can be even worse for students on the autism spectrum. Because they have already problems with socializing and college means that they will have a new social environment. In this center, they provide help at this point in order to get over these struggles.

Individualized education programs are not something that Autism Now Center created. It is something that all the services in the autism community should follow. They help students on the spectrum to realize themselves and achieve their goals. By the time, it has converted to something else which is individuals with disabilities education act. It is federal legislation. They claim that free education is also students on the spectrum’s right. They can demand and get it.

If a person with autism studies until college, they need help to find the proper department in the proper university. It is not an easy process and an easy decision. So, in this center, there are volunteers and professionals to look for the right decision for them and help them to decide. Transition is an inevitable result in any case. It is an important point in the schooling process as well. Life itself is already challenging and stressful for them, so there is no need to make it more challenging. They can get the help they need from Autism Now Center.

In The Community

We shouldn’t forget that having autism doesn’t mean that they don’t share the same human rights with us. They have a right to engage the community. They have a right to go on a vacation. They have a right to travel by bus. They have similar needs with us. In Autism Now Center, they try to raise awareness in this context. They try to make people understand individuals with autism here and they are like us.

They provide great resources on staying and living safe, participating activities, traveling, and the community they live in. While providing these beneficial and useful opportunities and activities, they take into consideration to be fun and enjoyable. They can learn new things, develop their skills, and have fun at the same time. It is important to have social interaction in terms of having good relations with the community.

In this center, with the help of resources they provide, individuals on the spectrum are provided with fun, safe, and easy travels. They can travel by themselves or with the people they want to be. Moreover, nutrition is another important factor in the community. Some individuals on the spectrum have different diets and they should know the places that serve the food they can eat.

Safety is important for everyone in their lives. It is a priority. It is a necessity for all of us. Individuals with autism may have trouble getting access to safety information. At this point, the Autism Now Center provides the necessary information. Related with safety, transportation is a basic right for everyone. It is important for them to know how to use public transportation. In this center, they teach those individuals how to use it, timetable, tickets, and so on in order to make their lives easier.

Resource Criteria

This is one of the most important things they take into consideration on this website before publish information and resources. They think that there is so much information about autism and people are not sure whether they are true or not. Also, some information is really not true. That information may not reliable or valid. And worse, people give suggestions, recommendations, and advice according to those invalid resources. Even if they want to help individuals related to autism, with this inaccurate information and resources it becomes more invalid. It causes them to get the wrong information.

They publish and upload resources and information only approved by The National Advisory Committee. There are many professionals in this committee to investigate everything in detail. Thanks to them, they can provide high-quality information to people. They are very careful about being evidence-based. As a conclusion of this process, it takes a little bit longer time to publish.

All the resources go through certain steps in order to publish on the website. First of all, information sent to the center should be revived by the committee according to some principles. They should investigate whether it is proper or not. Secondly, the materials provided are investigated carefully. Thirdly, the committee gives the attended 5 days to revise the submitted resources if there is any problem. They can extend the deadline depends on the problem. Fourthly, the committee makes comments, and if it is needed, they make more to clarify everything. And, lastly, if everything is fine and it passes the committee, they publish the resources on the website with all the materials and evidence-based information they have.

All these processes are funded by the Administration on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities, Administration for Community Living, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. They also offer sponsorship depend on the information and resources they provide. Eventually, it is important to know that they represent Administration on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities policy and they need to follow it.

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