Gifts for Autism Related People

Buying a toy, gift, or Christmas present for a child or teen on the autism spectrum disorder can be challenging for people who want to buy. While doing it, you should keep in mind that the developmental ability of children with autism is more important than their age. Thus, gift, present of a toy should be appropriate for their developmental ability. 

Weighted items could be great gifts options for them. These items can be more expensive but can also be an extremely helpful gift that can last for several years. In addition, miscommunication and misunderstandings are common for people on the spectrum due to social and communication struggles. As a result, stress, anxiety, and meltdowns can be common among them. So, soothing gifts are not only enjoyable but they can also make life easier for the whole family or people around them.

You can consider buying toys include visual items. Slow, repetitive motion items are visually engaging and calming. Also, many children with autism spectrum disorder enjoy gentle vibrating items. They enjoy sensory toys and products. Those kinds of products can be pleasant distractions in some situations such as when traveling to visit family members or simply for use at home.

Other than those, tactile toys and gifts could be a great option if the child with autism spectrum disorder seeks to touch a lot of things. Good tactile sensory toys feature textures that are interesting to touch. Sometimes less can be more with sensory items. So, you should be careful about picking a toy that cannot be overwhelming. It may be better to get something that provides one type of sensory stimulation because a toy with too much stimulation can cause over-stimulation and stress.

Delayed or impaired social skills are one of the main characteristics of autism spectrum disorder so there are some gift options in order to help with social skills. People off all ages can get benefit from these products in order to learn essential social skills with practice. As we all know, social skills are complex and there are many games that cover a wide variety of scenarios to help children with autism master them.

One of the most essential social skill is learning to recognize emotions and empathize with others. There are some games that can help with this. Moreover, to learn to establish, hold and maintain a conversation is an essential skill. For those with autism who need support in order to enhance this, there are some gift options too. Other than toys, there are some books to consider that cover social skills.

Simple cause and effect toys are another gift option because they allow children with autism spectrum in order to take turns playing with a peer or family member. They are very nice for emerging social interaction because the child is immediately rewarded for simple interaction.

On the other hand, besides a gift for individuals with autism spectrum disorder themselves, there are some other options with other purposes. For example, raising awareness, showing support and so on. These options could be better for people around individuals with autism. If you want to buy a gift for them, you can consider buying those kinds of things.

There are some options on Amazon. You can find the best one according to your budget, the needs of individuals with autism or just for being nice.

Weighted Idea Cooling Weighted Blanket

It is recommended for dealing with stress and sensory overload as a gift for individuals with an autism spectrum disorder. They love getting things that are weighted. A cooling weighted blanket helps reduce sweating at night and provides good sleep. It is designed to be around 10% of body weight, which can offer great all-nature sleep for both adults and children by offering the gentle feeling of being hugged. So, it is a wonderful sleeping gift.

It has different sizes and styles for kids, teens, and adults. Also, it has different color options which are green, navy blue, gray, light gray, dark gray, lavender, baby blue, white, Brown, carbon grey, light grey, and coral pink.

Weighted Compression Vest for Children (Ages 2 to 4) by Harkla – Helps with Autism, ADHD, Mood, and Sensory Overload – Weighted Vest for Kids with Sensory Issues

This product’s price changes based on the sizes. It has 3 different sizes which are small, medium and large. It has 5 out of 5 stars on Amazon which means it is one of the most preferred and recommended products.

This product is perfect for those seeking deep pressure sensory stimuli. Children with an autism spectrum disorder, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, and sensory processing disorder will benefit from the weighted compression vest. That’s why it can be considered as a great gift idea. Because it helps children feel secure and focused when they feel overloaded.

It is a perfect gift for children who are 2 to 4 years old. It applies much-needed pressure to sensitive areas of the body. So, you have to be sure to measure the child and you can buy the next size if the child is at the high end for measurements.

Other than these advantages, autism weighted vest is completely portable, which means it is perfect for the classroom or during travel. Parents can add it to the child’s school sensory toolbox and bring it on car rides to improve travel for the child with autism.

Twiddle Classic Sensory Toys for Autistic Children, Dementia, and Alzheimer’s Patients | Fidget Toys for Therapy and Anxiety Relief

It is a great gift idea for Alzheimer’s, dementia, autism therapy, sensory therapy, and anxiety relief. It increases brain function with mental stimulation. It helps to enhance fine motor skills. Also, it comforts individuals who have autism with limited social interaction by repetitive tactile. It increases comfort levels.

This product is certified autism toy. It is a perfect anxiety relief aid for children with autism. It is designed for anxiety relief and to increase brain activity in kids with autism. Also, it can be used as a therapy toy. Because, toys includes a silicone chew fidget, a therapeutic crackle pouch, a stretchy tassel, a textured patch, and a cloth hook and loop tab for customizing fidgety.

Calming Clipper Haircutting Kit for Children with Autism and Sensory Sensitivity

This product’s price vary depends on sizes, which are right-handed, left-handed and regular safety scissors. According to customers’ reviews, it has 4.2 out of 5 stars and it means it is much recommended.

Rather than for children with autism, it is a great gift idea for their parents. They are inspired by caring parents who know that haircut is tough for their children who have autism. With this gift, you can show your support.

For kids with autism, buzzing clippers are too much to handle and a visit to the barbershop can end in a meltdown. This quiet alternative to electric clippers allows both children and parents to give relaxed haircuts at home.

Abilitations Teacher’s Pet Weighted Lap Dog, Dot

This product has 4.3 out of 5 stars on Amazon and comes in around 25 dollars with shipping.

It is a great gift for children with autism because it provides calming feedback to aid in concentration. It is an excellent resource for children who need to fidget or need help focusing. Because it is made of soft, huggable and weighted materials. It is designed especially for handing to students who are having trouble sitting still or focusing during circle time, desk time or dinnertime.

Featuring soft plush fabric, this deep pressure therapy tool provides a soothing experience and can be used anywhere, anytime and it helps to parent with this feature. It is also a great listener for emergent readers and provides a great ear for challenged speakers.

Sensory Weighted Lap Pad for Kids – 5-pounds – Great Weighted Lap Blanket for Kids with Autism, ADHD, and Sensory Processing Disorder

It comes in about 45 dollars with shipping. It is very recommended products. It has 4.6 out of 5 stars on Amazon.

Even it is a great gift idea, there is one thing that should be remembered. It is not recommended to use any weighted product on an infant or any child under 2 years of age. The American Pediatric Association recommends that parents and caregivers avoid the use of any bedding for infants this young.

It would be a life-changing gift for both kids with autism and their parent because the little blanket felt like a big hug for them. The lap pad helps them remain sited and calm during circle time. Also, the ease of using a weighted lap pad makes it the perfect tool to help the child with autism relax in their seat and be calm even in school.

With this product, family events become more enjoyable and relaxed. For example, it makes going to places that consists of too much stimulation like theatre or car trips. Also, thanks to being portable, it becomes easier to use everywhere. The lap weighted blanket is a perfect sensory toolbox addition and can make trips out more enjoyable for everyone.

When you buy this as a gift, you also give back with your purchase. It is a gift that keeps on giving. Every month this brand donates %1 of sales to the University of Washington Autism Clinic for therapy for children with autism, funding studies related to autism, and training for caregivers, therapists and parents.

Big Mo’s Toys Liquid Motion Spiral Timer Toy for Sensory Play – Relaxing Bubble Motion Autism/ ADHD Fidget Toy, Calming Toy, Sensory Visual Relaxation Desk Toy

You can find this product on Amazon around 9 dollars. That’s why it is a good gift option for individuals with autism. It is great for all ages. This item is one of those that can be enjoyed by adults and children.

It is a great stress reliever. The effect of these bubbles will keep children with autism and their parents entertained for hours. You will a perfect gift for parents to forget their responsibilities. It will end the tantrums. Watching the bubbles drip down one at a time has a hypnotic effect on the one watching it. When it comes to adults, it gives them a two-minute stress-free time out from the world, a chance to collect them and get back to what they are working at.

This product is a great gift for children with sensory and hyperactivity issues. The rhythmic effect of this bubble timer helps children with autism spectrum disorder calm down and stay focused for a longer amount of time.

Stress-Relief Sensory Stress Balls by Nyft Toys | Squishy Stress Toys | Squeezing Rubber Ball for Autism, ADHD, ADD, Sensory Needs, Bad Habits | The Calming Fidget Toy for Kids and Adults

This product comes in around 15 dollars with 3 packets. It is a great gift idea for individuals with autism because balls are durable, fun, and can be a pleasant distraction when it is needed.

It is designed for calming sensory stimulation. This feature encourages hand-eye coordination and tactile learning. It is perfect for children and adults with an autism spectrum disorder, anxiety, ADHD, stress, therapy needs, and more. Because when they squeeze the ball in hands, they can feel the texture of the inside as they squish and bulge through their hands and finger. These characteristics help to calm them.

These balls help to release stress and boost their focus. Redirecting extra energy to the ball can also help increase concentration. It has a Child Protection Certificate from a lab accredited by the Consumer Product Safety Commission, so it is child-friendly of course. Besides those advantages, they are pocket-sized and carried anywhere.

Carson Dellosa – Sentence Building Literacy Resource with 86 Cards for Language Arts

It comes around 15 dollars and it has 4.2 out of 5 stars on Amazon. It is a sophisticated gift idea for children with autism because it helps to create sentences, teaching words, teaching colors and establishing social relationships.

The set includes 55-word cards, 4 punctuation cards, and 27 photo cards that allow them to build a wide variety of sentences. It builds language and encourages early grammar and reading. It is a great learning source that covers parts of speech, capital letters, punctuation and building sentences language skills.

With this product, children with autism boost both their language and relationships at the same time. They have to make complete sentences that have a capital letter in the beginning and punctuation at the end. Then they have to read it. They challenge another person who plays with them to see who can get the most sentences and love that they get them correct and can read them.

Parents can use it to teach daily routine activities by creating sentences related to daily routines. Also, they can use it to understand their emotions by showing pictures in this set. The cards also color-coded and may help to teach colors. Different colors help kids differentiate nouns, verbs, adjectives, conjunctions, prepositions, articles, pronouns, and punctuation.

Childs work / Childs play | The Empathy Game: A Card Game That Teaches Emotional Intelligence

This is a very recommended product on Amazon, also by therapists. It has 4.2 out of 5 stars and comes in around 30 dollars with shipping.

It is a great gift for ages 8 and up kid with autism. It helps to recognize empathy which is a central component of emotional intelligence and main deficiency that autism causes. This game provides compassion, understanding, and acceptance at the same time.

This game teaches to recognize emotions and provides an opportunity to practice being empathetic. It encourages them to interpret nonverbal signals. Also, it is an amazing gift that could be a great group activity for establishing new relationships or for use in the classroom or therapy center, and even at home.

Eye Think Strobotop LightPhase Animator – Animator that Makes Pictures Come to Life

It is highly recommended by an Asperger’s and Autism group, especially age 4 or above. It is a very stimulating product. It is a perfect gift for children on the spectrum.

This set includes a top, strobe light, and 18 animation discs. The discs are of different scenes and they love to try one and then another and another. It holds their attention well. They take the strobotop into a dark room to see the “animation”. They love making instant animations. This item is so visually fascinating and fun to play with. They will be amazed as they watch animals running, playing children, kaleidoscopic patterns, and much more.

This item makes a great gift for highly visual teens and adults, especially those with autism. You can create your own disks by drawing your own with the black and with discs that are included the packet.

Melissa & Doug Bear Family Dress-Up Puzzle

This product is recommended by experts for encouraging interaction, encourages fine motor skills, emotional exploration, hand-eye coordination and imaginative play to children with autism. That makes it a perfect gift for them.

This set is a clean, fun activity that is perfect for playtime in the home, classroom, or clinic. Parents can use a variety of clothing pieces to teach their children with autism vocabulary related to apparel. Kids will love to mix and match items to create outfits for the cute bears. Also, it includes expression pieces that can be perfect for helping kids explore and understand various emotions, which is one of the deficiencies autism causes.

It is a durable wooden set that contains 45 mixes and match pieces to assemble a Mama, Papa, and Baby Bear and their emotions. These help to encourage multiple development skills such as color and pattern recognition, creativity, and hand-eye coordination.

Tangle Relax Therapy Fidget Toy

This product comes in around 21 dollars. It is highly recommended by therapists and teachers for children with autism spectrum disorder and Asperger’s syndrome, so it makes a great gift option.

It is designed to help relieve stress through smooth repetitive twisting. It is an excellent calming toy for anxious moments because it reduces stress. Twisty toy keeps fingers good and busy.

It is a great gift for people of all ages, they enjoy holding and moving it in their hands. It can be used in every setting such as home, classroom or even clinic. Its size and range of motion encourage fine motor development of children with autism. It maximizes hand, joint and muscle motion while still alleviating stress.

Trend Enterprises Inc | Picture Words Bingo Game

It has 4.2 out of 5 stars on Amazon and comes in around 10 dollars.

This particular game has the added benefit of learning to read many simple words just by repeatedly seeing the word with the picture. It makes a perfect gift for children with autism to develop picture-word recognition.

It builds language skills by matching words to photos of common objects which consist of animals, everyday objects, transportation, foods or careers. It is a great choice for honing listening skills of children with autism. This convenient set also provides a fun, easy to set up an activity for both caregivers and teachers.

Shop4Ever Autism Definition Ceramic Blue Colored Handle Coffee Mug Autism Awareness Gift

It is a perfect autism awareness gift with reasonable price. It is dishwasher and microwave safe. There are 4 different designs related to autism spectrum disorder, one with definition of autism (Always, Unique, Totally, Intelligence, Sometimes, Mysterious), one with “Accept, Understand, Love, Autism awareness” in blue colored, one with “Accept, Understand, Love, Autism awareness” in rainbow colored and one with “I Teach Awesome Kids” with puzzle piece in rainbow colored.

Fun Express – Medium Autism Awareness Gift Bags

It is a good product for packing anything you buy for raising awareness. Even you buy something with a high price, it becomes meaningful in this way.

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