Autism Young Adult Programs

Young adults with autism are the group with the most social and occupational problems among neurodiversity groups. They find it difficult to find a job to work for, they get low wages for the jobs they find, they do not have a group of friends to which they belong, they have difficulty in starting a family or they cannot join any community. In addition to all these, they experience physical and mental problems.

While the transition from adolescence to adulthood is already a challenging phase for any neurotypical individual, you can imagine how challenging it can be for an adolescent with autism. It is kind of our responsibility to help them cope with these challenges and difficulties. It is very important to provide resources and services to help them.

There are many different autism young adult programs available to help deal with these challenges and life crises. It is aimed that both individuals with autism and their families can benefit. The main mission of these programs is for adolescents with autism to have independent adult life and to live a meaningful life. These programs also provide guidance for young adults with autism to manage the stress they experience as they transition into adulthood. It also serves as a guide for parents in this regard. 

Independent Living Program (ILP)

It is a person-centered program. It is aimed to help young adults with autism gain independence. Everyone participating in the program sets their own goals individually and then works on skills that can help achieve those goals. These skills will help them to live independently. They can work on many different skills you can think of. For example, how to prepare a budget, how to maintain personal hygiene, how to go shopping, how to cook, time management or a healthy lifestyle are some of these topics. 

Cooking Program 

Learning to cook and being able to shop for it is an important step for an individual to live independently. This Cooking Program for young adults develops young autistic people’s skills in meal planning, preparation, following the recipe, and time management. Since the program is provided to more than one person at the same time, it is carried out in the form of teamwork. This also helps them develop their teamwork skills.

We Belong

It is a program that offers consultancy to young adults with autism, their families, and their primary caregivers. It is free and privacy based. It can also be described as a mental health and wellness program. In addition to one-on-one sessions, it offers art, photography, and awareness activities that you can attend in small groups.

Social Drop In Program

It is intended for adolescents with autism. The development of social skills is encouraged. Meanwhile, a natural, fun, and interesting environment is offered. Interaction with others is naturally encouraged to develop social skills. This encouragement can be considered as sharing interests, attending social events, and spending time with other young adults. With many different activities organized regularly, every young adult with autism can choose one that suits them and get participated. 

Chill and Connect

It is a nice program that offers a comfortable environment for young adults with autism to get involved the society and get to know each other. It provides a chill environment for them that the name implies to come and hang out, play, listen to each other’s experiences, socialize, or just get out of their homes. They do not need to socialize in these groups, they can just come and listen to others’ experiences. 

Improv for Autism

It is a partnership-based program for young adults with autism to develop improv skills if they are interested. This program allows young adults with autism to try improvisational activities, nurture themselves, and develop some spontaneity within themselves since they do not like unexpected things, it will be a very beneficial program for them in a long term. It is an educational, fun, and wonderful environment where they can work with trained instructors.

Autism At Work 

This program consists of 3 different and unique sub-programs that young adults with autism can choose from accordingly. These are Practical Assessment Exploration System (PAES), supported employment, and vocational volunteers. 

PAES is an 8-week program that has been created to help young adults with autism understand what it’s like to work. Individuals learn about entry-level job tasks in a hands-on manner. This allows them to develop their self-confidence and skills. By working on these skills every day for 8 weeks, this program eventually prepares young adults with autism for future employment.

Supported employment, on the other hand, is a program that helps young adults with autism who feel ready to participate in employment, support their job search process and ensure that they are matched with jobs that suit their skills and abilities. They work with each individual separately. 

As the name suggests, vocational volunteers are on a voluntary basis. This program was created mainly to help young adults with autism build resumes, develop work skills, or connect with other charity organizations. Thanks to this program, which usually consists of neurotypical peers, young adults with autism have the opportunity to experience new things while connecting with their peers.

Housing and Residential Supports

Housing is one of the most challenging steps for a young adult with autism who wants to live independently. Specifically searching part would be challenging for both the person and the family. This program is a guide for housing and residential selections. They make this seemingly challenging journey simpler while ensuring that it ends successfully. This program has many different purposes. It allows autistic young adults to evaluate options by providing different perspectives on housing options. It offers information about the support and services that young adults with autism may need at home. It guides them on how they should manage their budgets. In general, it provides opportunities and support for young adults with autism to live freely.


Meristem is a program for young adults with different neurodiversity, especially autism. It was created to provide support for them to have both a fulfilling and independent life. Young adults aged 18-28 are accepted into the program. They work to fulfill the passions and goals of these young adults, who also have career or university aspirations. Young adults with such passions are supported in this regard, as they are already eager and willing to participate in employment.

The common point of these young people is their neurodiversity as well as their desire to live an independent life. They work with coordinators over long periods of time to achieve their goals. They plan to achieve these goals and develop skills in line with this plan. The duration of the programs can vary between 1 and 3 years. 

As young adults work on their personal independence, families become part of the community and program. It is a great program where both families and young adults can find support. Thanks to these groups, they feel more belonging to the environment and celebrate small happiness together. 

Employees in this program consist of trained and experienced personnel. They help them create person-centered plans. They support and assist young adults in their independent lives. They continue to work in a coordinated manner by providing regular meetings with both the individual and their families. 

Virtual Youth & Adult Programs

As the name suggests, it is a program that offers virtual support to young adults with autism. It is a platform open to anyone who wants to participate, although generally young people between the ages of 13-18 participate. Each session takes place with the participation of a maximum of 15 people and lasts around 1 hour. Different topics are discussed in each session. These topics are generally fitness, lifestyle, movies, relationships, and sexuality. All sessions are moderated by a moderator so that everyone can speak, everyone can share their ideas and everyone can participate.

Enabling participation from many different locations, this program provides a fun, new and digital environment for young adults with autism. Participants are encouraged to share. If they need any support, their caregivers can join as well. In addition, in order to provide technical support, someone from the program is included in the session, apart from the moderator.

Mental Health & Wellness Programs

It is a program that provides individuals with autism over the age of 13 the opportunity to discover themselves and to get the support they need. It creates an opportunity to meet and connect with other individuals with autism who have the same journey as them. The programs are developed and managed by experienced staff and experts. Both face-to-face and virtual options are available. Programs that vary from month to month or from season to the season may be preferred. The main aim of the program is to provide autistic young adults the opportunity to discover themselves and live independently. 

Weekly Try It!

It provides opportunities for young adults with autism to have a pleasant and enjoyable time with their peers like their neurotypical peers. Commitment is the most important aspect of this program. It consists of different activities such as art, sports, fitness, and movies. Thanks to the different social environments it offers, it contributes to the socialization of young adults with autism. Each session lasts 1.5 hours. It takes place on the same day and at the same time each week. Duration varies according to the program you prefer. 

Youth & Adult Day Camps & Day Programs

It is a program created for young people with autism to stay active and interact with autism communities. Activities accompanied by training personnel and experts are organized. Programs and activities vary by location and season. Summer camps are generally organized to be suitable for autistic children between the ages of 13 and 17. It is created to be 5 days a week. In addition to fun and social activities, activities are organized to help develop life skills. A maximum of 15 participants are accepted. Camps organized for autistic adolescents between the ages of 15 and 25 are planned to be longer than summer camps. It is on weekdays for 2 weeks. Activities are mainly organized to improve life skills. In addition, courses such as CV preparation are offered to encourage these young adults to live independently and find employment.

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It is very easy to carry a fidget toy at a very affordable price. It can be used by both neurotypical people and people with some disabilities such as autism, ADHD, and OCD. It is a great distracter. If you get bored or tired, it can be used to relax or to spend time. It is used as a fidget toy to gain very good skills. It is a kind of exercise for the fingers. It can be played anywhere or even while traveling. 

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