Autism Speaks Walk

The Autism Speaks Walk is the largest autism fundraising event in the world, organized to raise awareness of autism and benefit individuals with autism. Supporting individuals with autism and their families is the main purpose of the walk. It brings together individuals with autism and their families, as well as anyone who wants to support them, and helps build friendships once in a while. This walk also has many benefits and serves many purposes. Thanks to the donations collected, individuals with autism are supported or financial support is provided for innovative research. This event, which brings together individuals with autism and the rest of the world, shows that we can create a beautiful world together and live happily.

For individuals with autism with sensory sensitivity, this walk can become a bit chaotic. That’s why the tracks are arranged with this situation in mind. Certain points are arranged as exit points and lead to a quiet area. Therefore, individuals with autism and their relatives do not need to worry at this point. There are many events happening throughout the years that you can register to the one suitable for you.

The main purpose of this walk is to bring everyone together and to ensure the safety of everyone while ensuring this unity. It is aimed to fully reveal and show the energy of the autism community. These walks, organized in different parts of the continent, have different effects and results according to the participants. It is an event that offers you opportunities such as meeting individuals with autism, meeting autism associations, listening to the stories of the community, or celebrating together. Every year there is an event filled with excitement and energy that you will not want to miss.

It is also pretty easy to join the Autism Speaks Walk or be notified of plans. If we take into account the century we live in, we can say that it is just a click away. All you have to do is visit their website and determine the most suitable date for you. More detailed information will continue to be published as the walk day approaches. If there is a change in the program, it is first published on the website to be easily followed by the participants.

“I am an individual with autism. Autism is just a part of my character, not a concept that will define me as a person. I have irregularities in my perceptions. Ordinary and common images, movements, lights, sounds, smells, tastes, and touches that you may not even notice in daily life can disturb me very much.”

Autism Speaks Walk is one of the important events that everyone should attend at least once in their life. The fact that it serves many different purposes strengthens its importance. Thanks to this walk, the existence of the autism community is acknowledged and celebrated, donations are collected for individuals with autism, research is conducted, and it helps to nurture the services provided to individuals with autism. In addition to all these, you should not forget that it is an extremely fun activity. Don’t you think it is quite satisfying to be able to help people while having fun?

The participation fee for the Autism Speaks Walk is paid in a different way than the traditional ways we know. There is no fixed registration fee. Since the main purpose of the walk is to collect donations, a goal is determined for the participants and they are expected to reach this goal by inviting the people around them to this event. We can say that the main aim is to raise awareness of autism by creating a domino effect and collecting donations at the end of the day. At the end of the day, t-shirts are sold to remind the participants of this day, and the price of these t-shirts is determined at 150 dollars. So, although you don’t have to pay for registration, you donate at least $150 at the end of the day.

Individuals under the age of 18 can also join the walk. While they do not need to register online prior to the walk day, they will need to come with their guardian on the day of the walk and have them fill out a waiver form. During the walk, teams are formed. These teams are formed in the form of individuals with autism, their families, friends, and staff that helps to fundraise.

Walking paths are organized to ensure the safety of everyone. Therefore, of course, while baby carriages and wheelchairs are allowed to enter, dangerous vehicles such as bicycles, skateboards, or roller skates are not allowed. Pets are also allowed, with one exception. If you have a guide dog, you can bring it to the event with peace of mind. If your pet is not a guide dog, it is recommended that you leave them at home for a day for their own amusement.

It will also be important to prepare the individual on the autism spectrum in your family for this walk. That’s why a Walking Day Guide has actually been prepared. It is a customized guide prepared to prepare individuals with autism for this walk. To reach this guide, it will be enough to visit their website.

You should always keep in mind that these walks are never competitive walk. This is an event that encourages friendship and family, unlike the competition. Walks are arranged in an average route and kilometer but are not required to be completed. During these walks, you can also encounter different natural events. It may rain. It may be hot. In case of an emergency, the event organizers are supported and assisted by the participants.

“Please try to understand me and love unconditionally! I am worth it! You will see how far I can go with your support, love, patience, and guidance.”


The main purpose of the Autism Speak Walk is to collect donations. So, what are the donations collected through this event used for? It is used for many different purposes. Basically, it is used for the needs of individuals with autism and their families. It can also be given directly to them, or funding is created for research, which means it has been used for them in some way. It can also be used to increase the acceptance of individuals with autism in society, support innovative studies on autism disorder, and advance research on interventions.

There are many different ways to donate. Donations can be made by participating in the walk as an individual participant. Donations are accepted by payment in cash or check on the day of the walk. Donations made by mail are also accepted. You can also send it via mail to the address you can easily find on their website. If you donate during peak periods, it may take up to 2 weeks for the donation to be processed fully.

After making your donation, an automatic thank-you e-mail is sent to each participant. This e-mail can also be used as a receipt. If you participated in the march and did not receive the thank you mail, you should contact the authorities at [email protected]. You should keep in mind that if you have registered and paid for the walk but are unable to attend, there will be no refunds. However, you should remember that this donation serves a good cause.

“Don’t let autism stop you from perceiving all aspects of me. Focus on what I can do rather than what I can’t, and try to build on them. Help me socialize and communicate.”


Volunteers are the hidden fairies of Autism Speaks Walks. They work throughout the day to keep the activity running smoothly and healthily. They even work before the event. Their support and dedication are highly valuable. Autism Speaks Walk volunteers can contribute in many ways. They help with cleaning, registration, welcome, service, etc. You can volunteer on your own, or you can volunteer in teams that you can create together with your family, friends, or colleagues.

When you volunteer as an individual, you can form a team with people you meet during the event. It can be a great way to make new friends. When you join as a team, you will have a fun and meaningful activity with your family or friends. It will be the perfect opportunity to spend the day together. You should remember that everyone on your team must register online. Before the walk, you can join the planning committee voluntarily and take an active role in the preparation of the event.

“Try to look at autism not as a deficiency, but as a distinct ability. Yes, I may not be looking into your eyes during the conversation. But have you ever noticed that I don’t lie, cheat at games, make fun of my friends, or approach people with prejudices? In addition, I can do very successful work in the future with my detail-oriented perspective and extraordinary focusing capacity. But it is very unlikely that I will be able to lead a successful and independent life without your support.”

Autism Awareness

It is necessary to emphasize the importance of autism awareness. We need to know why we need to be aware and maintain this awareness throughout our lives. So, our question is “What is autism?” shouldn’t be. The real question should be “Why should we be aware of autism?” Because awareness allows you to be sensitive about something that has not happened to you. Because awareness prevents you from ignoring.

When you see a different child in a park, at a restaurant, or at a picnic, it helps you accept it. Being aware prevents you from segregating children with autism or other special needs from society. A teacher who is aware looks for a way to bring a child to life instead of throwing a child to the corner of the classroom just because he/she is different and isolating him/her from the classroom. A teacher who is aware cares about inclusive education and convinces parents. When you are aware, your perception opens. If your awareness increases, when a child with different needs comes to your future child’s class, you begin to see this situation as a great opportunity for your child to grow up as a sensitive individual.

And even awareness allows you to learn not to point fingers at anyone, not to label an individual with autism as “autistic”, and to learn that “autism” is not the only feature they have. And this is how you can’t call them autistic, you accept the fact that he/she is an individual with autism.

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Harkla Hug (48 inches) – Inflatable Sensory Peapod for Children with Sensory Needs – Therapeutic Compression Sensory Chair for Autism Ages 2 to 6 – Pea Pod Canoe

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