Autism UK: Autism Friendly Websites and Organizations in the UK

As in all parts of the world, there are websites, organizations, and charities for both people with autism and those around them in the UK. There are websites and organizations that can help anyone who needs or needs help with this. The important thing is to know and understand what you need.

National Autistic Society

National Autistic Society is the best and foremost charity in the UK when it comes to autism. It was established in 1962. Since then, it serves people on the autism spectrum and their families in the UK. Their aims are transforming the lives of people on the autism spectrum, changing their behaviors and attitudes in general, and creating a more compact society that works perfectly for people with autism spectrum disorder as well.

It offers amazing opportunities. Employees are people on the autism spectrum, volunteers, and people who are aware of the fact that we are living with them. While gaining amazing experiences and being part of an invaluable journey, you will help people on the spectrum.

Many people in the organization work flexibly. By devoting time to this organization at times outside of their own life patterns, they also maintain the work-life balance. Of course, you have the luxury of rejecting this job as you are not suitable for this job, which has no fixed working hours and no routine. By allocating certain hours on certain days of the week, you can create quality time for both yourself and the people in the spectrum. There are different roles to choose from if you want to work there. These are support worker roles, school-based roles, and office-based roles.

They give a role to their work in line with their vision, mission, and values. This is within the framework of the development of individuals with autism, their family members and friends, and finding a place in society. In the most basic terms, their vision is to create a society that accepts and works for individuals with autism. It is their duty to provide all kinds of support to more than 700,000 individuals with autism living in the UK and their families. These tasks are to provide information, give support, and offer practical advice in order to make their lives easier.

Changing and improving the perception, understanding, and perspective of people living in the UK about autism is their main goal. They work to provide better services to individuals with autism, raise their living standards, and improve the laws offered to them.

For more than 50 years, they have been guiding their values ​​and goals with the experience they have gained by continuing their work within the borders of the UK. And they are aware that they can always do more for individuals with autism, based on the knowledge they have acquired over time, and that this will be a never-ending adventure.

By sharing what they saw, and what they experienced, they try to change the perspective of society and show that it is very normal to have autism. In this way, they believe that they can create more conscious people in the UK.

They portray themselves as brave. They do not accept this ignorance about autism in the UK. They are trying to remove this ignorance about autism. They will always work to gain more support and understanding to make this life more livable for people on the autism spectrum.

Child Autism UK

Child Autism UK continues to work in UK Berkshire. It is an autism charity. It was established to provide support to children on the autism spectrum and their parents. It was founded as Peach – Parents for the Early Intervention of Autism in Children, but has been working as Child Autism UK since 2015. The name they have now more accurately reflects the vision they have.

Their main service is to offer a helpline for parents with children with autism. While being a parent is a difficult and challenging process in itself, being a parent of a child with autism is quite tiring and difficult. Parents can ask for advice from Child Autism UK when they are struggling to address the questions their children have and the problems their children have. As a matter of fact, it is an organization established for exactly this purpose. Apart from being a solution to problems and answering questions, it brings together parents who have gone through these processes and newly involved parents on a common platform.

Imagine the panic and fear of parents when their child first receives a diagnosis of autism. Sharing this rush and fear with others is something that at some point makes parents feel very good. At this point, Child Autism UK will be the first to support parents and children with autism living in the UK.

Child Autism UK, as the name suggests, is a more child-centered organization. They keep the child on the autism spectrum at the center of all their work. They want children with autism to be able to benefit from the opportunities in society as equally as other children. They advocate that the children on the autism spectrum can live as freely as other children, needing less support.

Autism is a disorder that affects individuals throughout their lives and greatly affects the way they communicate with their environment. Since it is defined as a spectrum disorder, it is a fact that it can affect individuals at different levels and in different ways. All individuals in the spectrum are affected at certain levels in the areas listed below.

  • Social interaction: As the name suggests, children with autism have difficulty interacting with other children and cannot be friends with them easily. They have difficulties in expressing their own feelings and thoughts as well as having trouble understanding what other children are thinking and feeling.
  • Imagination: It is very difficult for individuals with autism to imagine something or a situation that does not exist. They tend to be more realistic. Having difficulty in imagining may make it difficult for them to understand the concept of danger or to cope with new situations that they encounter.
  • Communication: It is very challenging for individuals with autism to fully understand all the cues we need in social interaction. They have a hard time understanding the metaphors of the language and tend to understand everything literally.

After all this information, Child Autism UK is an organization that aims to raise awareness about autism and ABA. It aims to maintain certain standards. It supports research on autism. It takes the lead in the development of all works. Child Autism UK basically supports children and individuals on the autism spectrum in realizing their potential. At this point, they mainly use ABA. ABA helps children with autism to overcome the difficulties they may encounter in life and facilitates their communication with their environment.

According to studies, approximately 1% of the UK population suffers from autism. Aside from the difficulties of living with this situation, there is a noticeable difference in early intervention situations. Therefore, it is very important for society to be informed and intervened. Child Autism UK will be one of your biggest helpers at this point.

Ambitious About Autism

It is an organization founded in 1997. It was founded by parents with children with autism. These are the parents who think that their children have not received a full and sufficient education or that they have little chance of getting this education. They are very determined to change this situation. They think that it is meaningless to keep their children on the autism spectrum in a different classification from other children.

Their approach has become a core of the organization. And over time, it has become an institution that helps and supports thousands of individuals with autism. In today’s world, they pioneered the schools established to increase the quality of life of students with autism, improve their learning and ensure their success.

It was founded in 1997 as TreeHouse, but in 2004 it was renamed ambitious about autism. It has developed and grown rapidly since 2004 and started to offer the service it offers today. Thanks to the different services it offers and the important policies it has, it has turned into a national charity within the UK framework. Like the students, they have got older and their student potential increased, they started to develop and change the organization.

In 2018, the “We Need An Education” campaign was launched. This campaign is an important campaign that supports the participation of individuals with autism over the age of 21 in daily life. By 2020, none of the planned programs could be carried out due to the coronavirus. But this does not mean that individuals with autism and their families have lived very comfortable lives. It continued to offer Ambitious About Autism services during the pandemic. This made it easier for them to access health services in case of emergency.

In 2021, they created a brand new strategy. This strategy is a 3-year strategic plan where every individual on the autism spectrum can be like themselves and achieve the goals they want. It aims to create an ideal future. Providing an ideal education to children with autism is actually the main purpose of ambition about autism. It is possible to say this with the expanding school networks.

“Ambitious About Autism”, which was a school when it was founded, has become a different movement in the process. Although it still has the same purpose, the way of expressing it has changed. Since the day they were founded, they have served its purpose and made great progress. However, they are justifiably proud. This progress they have made in autism stands at a stable level today.

Creating an environment and a world in which people with autism are included is their main goal. Supporting individuals with autism is also their top priority while creating this world. They work very strategically when realizing and even creating these plans and goals. However, they prefer these strategic plans to be based on a solid foundation. At the point of implementation of these plans, they try to make the systems and processes suitable.

In terms of values, there are a couple of things to mention. In general, individuals, mostly children, and young people are the heart of everything that that company does. They are very ambitious in what they do. They celebrate the interesting parts of their work. They are open to everything which develops their works and understandings. They are open to listening to people’s advice and thoughts. They believe to work together. They know that if we work together, we can create something more complete. They love to learn together. They even tend to learn from someone else’s mistakes.

Contact Info
  • The Pears National Centre for Autism Education, Woodside Avenue, London N10 3JA
  • 020 8815 5444
  • [email protected]

Autism Alliance

The vision of the Autism Alliance is to create a better world for people with an autism spectrum disorder. They aim to improve their lives by supporting them and providing enough services. Although we believe that individuals with autism have potential, it is an undeniable fact that we have high expectations from them. Sometimes, although it is not very realistic, it is thought that individuals with autism can continue their lives as individuals with normal development.

Individuals on the autism spectrum can work to improve their skills and strategies. If there is an individual with autism who meets this criterion, supporting him/her will have positive results. It is undeniable that individuals with autism have their weak points as well as their strengths. Like every individual who completes their development normally, the skills that enable them to participate in daily life should be supported and they should be supported to develop these skills.

The Autism Alliance argues that a different approach is needed to support the development of individuals with autism. This approach is personalized and very flexible. They work with individuals with autism to develop these approaches and strategies. It aims to contribute to every moment of the lives of individuals with autism.

Their values are to work together, cooperate, spend productive time, and do all these on a scientific basis. They do their best to tell everyone in the society they live in that individuals with autism exist and will continue to exist in this society. They try to make them and their families’ needs heard. They seek to increase understanding and foster cooperation. This cooperation is between individuals with autism, their families, and institutions. It is their top priority that the services they offer are useful and efficient. For this, they create and offer services based on scientific evidence.

There are different organizations they work with on a national basis. The Autism Alliance acts as an umbrella for these organizations. All these organizations try to make the voices of individuals with autism heard, meet their needs, and provide tailored services on a national basis. Thousands of children on the autism spectrum, adults on the autism spectrum, and their families benefit from these organizations.

  1. Autism Anglia
  2. Ambitious About Autism
  3. Autism Bedforshire
  4. Autism Hampshire
  5. Daisy Chain: A haven for families affected by autism
  6. The Kent Autistic Trust: A Better Life, A Better Future
  7. Autism NI: Northern Ireland’s Autism Charity
  8. Cheshire Autism Practical Support
  9. Autism Initiatives
  10. North East Autism Society
  11. Spectrum: Working Together To Change Lives
  12. Autism West Midlands
  13. Autism East Midlands: Quality of Life for People with Autism
  14. Autistica – With Knowledge Comes Understanding
  15. Aspens: Care – Support – Empower
  16. Wargrave House: On a Journey Together Learning About Life

Autism Independent UK

Autism Independent UK was founded primarily to raise awareness of autism. It aims to attract the attention and raise awareness of other individuals living in the society in terms of the recognition and evaluation of autism, education, and treatments that individuals with autism should receive.

Their main goal is to increase the quality of life of individuals with autism by raising awareness among other individuals living in society about autism. In this way, they believe that individuals with autism have the opportunity to take their deserved place in society and live the life they deserve.

Autism Independent UK is not a hospital or medical organization. You should keep in mind that the advice and solutions it offers are not medical. Note that you should consult a medical professional for medical advice. Because these medical recommendations should be individual, on the other hand, Autism Independent UK offers more general advice. Although they make an effort to ensure that the advice and information they offer are scientifically based, they leave this responsibility to individuals.

There is much helpful information on Autism Independent UK’s website. These can autism incidence in the UK, research about autism, Asperger’s Syndrome, legal issues about autism in the UK, first-hand experiences, autism awareness, autism and relationships, autism and sexuality, and adults with an autism spectrum disorder. Apart from the information they provide, there are many useful forums and training programs to follow.

Autism Together

Increasing the quality of life of individuals with autism is their main goal. In this direction, they know how to support them and they do their best for society to understand this awareness. They provide various services to individuals with autism, their families, and other individuals in the community they live in. Autism Together has been providing these services for over 50 years.

They base their services on scientific foundations and research. Studies show that structured education is very important in the life of an individual with autism. That’s why Autism Together aims to make this difference.

Every individual with autism is different, special, and unique. That’s why they try to make sure that life is not even more challenging when it is already hard enough for them. They try to help individuals with autism make their lives more meaningful and fulfilling and continue that way. They try to provide all kinds of support to individuals with autism. And they try to create a common consciousness and understanding in society about these needs. They accept and explain the strengths and weaknesses of individuals with autism and try to ensure that they are respected.

Autism Together continues its work with a focus on lifelong learning and development. Because individuals with autism learn and change over time, just like individuals who complete their development normally. Their strategy was created with this logic. They also aim to develop individuals with autism by understanding their needs and differences.

While providing their services, they adapt their main values. Positive communication is very important. They always keep in mind that the service they offer is a people-oriented service. They encourage learning and development. They are respectful to everyone, whether they are on the autism spectrum or not.

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