Autism Awareness Ribbon

The autism ribbon has been accepted all over the world as the universal sign of autism awareness since 1999. It was created and started to be used as a trademark of the Autism Association. But over the years, it has become a symbol of autism awareness. It is used with a collective consciousness, not for an individual purpose. It was created for the awareness of the rights of the entire autism community, not the interests of individuals. Over the years, all non-profit organizations have started to use this ribbon symbol.

Originally produced in blue, this ribbon was later used by adding a puzzle model on it. The puzzle on the ribbon represents the diversity of autism. Different colors and different shapes represent how different the lives of individuals with autism can be and try to draw attention to this issue. The ribbon is specially produced in very bright colors so that it can be understood that individuals with autism perceive the world and communicate under their own conditions, and to raise awareness in the society quickly.

The ribbon is a great way to raise awareness, attract attention, and support the autism community in society. You can create this awareness by attaching the autism ribbon of your purchase to your car, keychain, closet, and even your clothes.

The autism ribbon is the most recognized autism symbol worldwide. Although it is the most memorable symbol in mind, whether it represents the spectrum or not is an issue that is widely debated by researchers. On the other hand, according to different people on the spectrum, it has different meanings. Here some examples;

  • Individuals with autism feel that they are not alone.
  • Individuals with autism consider themselves to be an important part of life’s big puzzle.
  • Individuals with autism think they are no longer a confusion for people out there and that someone can understand them.
  • Individuals with autism think that they can be lucky to adapt to the outside world, just like other people.
  • Individuals with autism think that ribbon means very different things. They argue that it should be considered from many different angles. They say that every person whose roles around them are different from each other has a different point to grasp about individuals with autism. They argue that individuals with autism are difficult to understand, the primary task is to raise awareness, and that ribbon fulfills this task properly.

  • According to some people, the autism ribbon just means autism awareness and they do not see the need to add more meaning. They argue that it is no different from ribbons used to draw attention to many diseases and disorders. They are of the opinion that anyone who knows what autism is, regardless of their opinions about autism, knows the meaning of this autism awareness ribbon. When they see the ribbon, they think about autism, they are doing research on autism and they are trying to raise awareness, as any awareness product should.
  • For some people, autism is a real puzzle and it is quite confusing, just as our world is quite confusing for individuals with autism. According to these people, our world forms a perfect whole when combined with the world of individuals with autism. That’s why with the puzzle pieces added to the ribbon, this symbol has become a great symbol for autism. It makes absolute meaning.
  • For some, the autism awareness ribbon may not make any sense. Some parents, even their children with autism, do not attribute any meaning. As parents become accustomed to the disorder itself, they do not make an effort to raise awareness, because this has become the normal of their lives.
  • According to some, although autism has now become their daily routine, they want to be able to talk to others about autism and make it their routine. They try to get autism out of a mysterious situation. This can happen in the easiest with autism symbols. The autism ribbon is chosen as the starting point. They want their environment to be aware of the autism spectrum. They hope that misunderstandings will disappear. They argue that the differences in autism can become understandable through various communication ways and various perspectives.
  • Some people with autism do not like this ribbon symbol at all. They say they remind them of their loneliness and shortcomings. They say that this ribbon does not reflect them or make them feel special. All they want is for everyone to understand that autism is a difficult disorder to live with.
  • Some individuals in the spectrum state that they need this ribbon symbol. Even though everyone on the spectrum is different from each other, they maintain that they are one as an autism community.
  • It is a fact that there are individuals with autism who are proud to wear this ribbon symbol. It makes them feel that they are not alone in this world and that they are unique because of this disorder they have.

Autism Symbols 

The puzzle piece is a logo that is generally used as a universal symbol of autism spectrum disorder. However, in addition to the puzzle piece sign, which is considered the unofficial logo of autism, it is not known if it has drawn your attention, there are also different symbols used for the same purpose. The infinity sign can be an example of these different symbols. So, what are these autism symbols designed to tell us outside the autism community?

When you want to reach an image describing autism and autism awareness on the internet, it is very likely that you will see a puzzle piece symbol immediately. So what is this symbol used for? What is the history of this symbol or other autism symbols that are thought to draw attention to autism and autism awareness? Why are these symbols preferred by autism associations, parents of children with autism, and individuals who want to increase autism awareness?

First of all, knowing what these symbols mean gives us, we can start by having a little idea about this. If you want to know exactly what autism is, understand, or change your perspective on autism, you should be aware that the autism symbols you choose also have content. It is also always useful to know what the symbols mean and why the specific symbol is accepted.

Contrary to common belief, the use of symbols is not a simple indicator. There are deep discussions and history behind the use of symbols. You should know that each autism symbol carries a different content and it occurs as a result of a situation where different perspectives conflict.

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, the situation, which is passed over by saying “Here is the symbol” and seen as an insignificant and simple choice, can reflect your unconscious anxieties in your unconscious until your relationships with children with autism and the forms of education and therapy you choose.

The Story of the Change in the Autism Symbol

Criticism and objections to the puzzle piece symbol caused the subject of changing the symbol to be transferred to the Autism Research Journal. The editors of the magazine took the first step in this regard by contacting scientists who think that the puzzle piece symbol should not be used as a universal symbol and who carry out serious studies on this issue. They started the process of change in the symbol, emphasizing that it is necessary to use a symbol that is more up-to-date, less aggressive, and more responsive to the needs in the 21st century, where we started to modernize.

Upon the onset of this change, they began to express the continuing concerns of the scientists who were voicing the problems posed by the puzzle piece symbol. Different symbols were started to be used and arrangements were made in the perspective of these symbols. There was serious criticism that the puzzle piece was fed by the idea that autism was seen as a deficiency and a problem.

After a long period of criticism, discussion, and exchange of ideas, it was agreed that the puzzle piece was no longer a suitable symbol to represent autism spectrum disorder. The move away from the puzzle piece and towards the new symbol design is not just about choosing how autism is represented. It represents a wider change.

Exactly in February 2018, the puzzle piece ceased to be the universally accepted autism symbol. Instead of the puzzle piece symbol, a rainbow-colored infinity symbol is used to represent diversity. This symbol has come to represent the need for us to be more sensitive to changes that lead to better lives and results for individuals with autism and their families. This change in the representation of the symbol also guarantees cooperation and sharing between the rest of the society and individuals with autism.

Building Acceptance and Raising Awareness 

It is the most important thing that the autism community wants to accomplish. They want to create an environment that embraces and accepts individuals with autism spectrum disorder with the help of raising awareness. 

It is important to create opportunities for individuals on the autism spectrum in order to achieve and accomplish their potential and their realities. More than that, it is important to do those with their families and the people around them. In this way, they experience the feeling of belonging to a community. 

In today’s world, thankfully, there are lots of autism-friendly businesses. They adapt their services in order to become more autism-friendly. Of course, it is a long way to take, but it is undeniable a good step to start at some point. It is important to accept the idea of acceptance and understanding. 

As a symbol of autism which is a puzzle piece, autism is a very complicated and colorful disorder. Each individual on the spectrum is different from the other. There are many struggles and challenges to deal with. It can be way more complex than you think. You may need more discussions and conversations. At this point, it is important to understand, explore, read, and investigate the autism world. 


If you are interested in getting involved in the autism community, volunteering is a good way to show your support. There are different tasks, events, and conferences that need the help of volunteers. These opportunities can help those people in order to improve their future career as well. 

There are different opportunities to help in office works, fundraising events and projects, conferences, and contributing by talent or service in many different autism organizations. As an office worker, it can be data entry, replying to emails, finding materials that are autism-related, fulfilling publication orders, preparing tote bags, as a conclusion general office tasks. In fundraising events, it is mostly made by sponsorships. In conferences, as a volunteer, it is important to assist registrations, workshops, and set-up. To contribute by talent or service, autism organizations are always looking for new people and they are always okay with help from other people, especially graphic designers, printers, marketing professionals, photographers, etc. 

What Individuals With Autism Want Us To Be Aware Of While Communicating With Them

Trying to make sense of the world is already a challenging activity in itself. It becomes much more difficult for individuals with autism. Communicating with others and sharing ideas is often not easy. This situation is also much more difficult and overwhelming for people with autism. However, according to scientists specialized in their field, the communication, and interaction that individuals with autism establish with the people around them can be facilitated by us.

1. Every individual with autism is different, but some of their problems may be common.

They follow a different way of communicating as a result of differences in their development. They find it difficult to communicate with others in their social life. It is a known fact that these differences vary from person to person. Some individuals on the spectrum are more affected, while others may be less affected. When you want to communicate with a person with autism, you should not ignore this fact.

2. They may not be able to distinguish someone’s speech from other sounds they hear.

They try to hear all sounds in the outside world at the same time and concentrate on just one sound. And this situation, you can imagine, is extremely tiring and challenging. Their brains cannot automatically filter out other sounds while chatting. Therefore, do not forget that you may need to repeat the same sentences several times when communicating with an individual with autism.

3. They may not understand the implications, signs, and fine details.

They may find it difficult to interpret the changing tone of voice and facial expressions of the other party. This is why they do not understand sarcastic words, parables, and styles. When people with autism communicate, you should keep this in mind and prefer a more realistic expression.

4. You should try to talk by putting the conversation in context.

When talking to someone with autism, you should add why what you are describing is important or different. In this way, the person with autism perceives more easily and understands what you want to tell more easily.

5. They may not know at what point to get involved in the conversation.

Individuals with autism who have a hard time understanding the behavior and body language of the people around them may not know when to start the conversation, when to end it, or when the best moment to join the conversation will be. That’s why the best approach will be directing your questions to them.

6. The speeches of individuals with autism may seem different to us.

For the person with autism, speaking has a different meaning than it does for us. Speaking for them means thinking very carefully. That’s why they speak more monotonously and slowly. Therefore, it is very important to listen carefully to the person with autism. You should take care to give them space and the time they need.

7. Socializing is very difficult for individuals with autism.

Socializing is a challenging activity in itself. On the other hand, individuals with high functioning autism are very successful in imitating it. But this is very tiring for them and takes a lot of effort. At this point, communicating with individuals with autism via text or e-mail can also reduce the stress created by socialization.

8. Individuals with autism reflect their emotions in unexpected ways and shapes.

As individuals with autism perceive the world differently when we perceive it, they also use different ways to reflect this. They are very likely to give unusual reactions. They experience some emotions stronger and others weaker. This situation makes it difficult for them to put their feelings into words. In such cases, you can facilitate communication by asking clearer questions or using photos.

9. Individuals with autism can repeat the words of the other person.

Repetitive behaviors are one of the main symptoms of autism. This includes repeating words. When they want to make sure they understand what the other person is saying and gain time to think, they can repeat what the other person is saying. At such moments, all you have to do is reassure them that they are understood.

10. Using written language facilitates communication with people with autism.

They communicate more easily via e-mail or phone. They experience less stress. They have time to think without any pressure. The existence of social signs that they cannot make sense of disappears.

PinMart Autism Awareness Ribbon Puzzle Piece Enamel Lapel Pin

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Magnet America Autism Awareness Mini Ribbon Magnet

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Sticker Stand Autism Awareness Ribbon car Bumper Sticker 3″ x 6″

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Fundraising For A Cause 25 Pack of Autism Ribbon Awareness Charms – Large Ribbon Shaped Charms for Autism & Asperger’s Awareness Jewelry Making (25 Charms)

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CENWA Autism Ribbon Necklace Asperger Awareness Jewelry Gift

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