Autism Resources: Parental, Educational, and Financial

Autism resources are general resources created by institutions that do not have any financial concerns. It provides practical information and services to children, teenagers, adults, and families diagnosed with autism, the people around them, and those who care about them.

There is a wide range of information and support available. They work with an educated, enthusiastic, courteous, and friendly team. They try to meet any kind of support you need. They understand the communication and sensory needs of individuals with autism and their families and create resources for their needs.

You can be included in these resources if you want and to the extent you want. Volunteers are always a very valuable component of autism resources. The best staff are considered to be the most willing volunteers. You can become a member of a registered institution, donate, work one-on-one or participate in awareness activities. You can always find a suitable method for you to support autism resources.

Advocacy, Information, and Support

Asperger Syndrome and High Functioning Autism Association

It is a website. It is a great site that offers resources mostly for individuals with high-functioning autism and their families. It provides advantages for parents in finding suitable questions for your child’s socialization, having leisure activities for your child, or for the summer programs you want to send your child to.

Autism Highway

It is a website started by a mother who has a child with autism. It is a very informative and at the same time fun website. Access to information is easy. It is quite comprehensive. Includes information provided by experts. It also includes interactive games. It is a helpful website for both children with autism and their parents.

Autism Navigator

It is a resource that bridges scientific knowledge and autism communities. It is web-based. Provides evidence-based practices and information. It facilitates access to up-to-date research. Offers video and photo resources. Video interactions and video resources have been created by and drawn from select universities.

Autism Research Institute

It is a rare resource for people with autism and people with autism close to them. It is a resource that explains what autism is, its causes are researched, treatment methods, and much other useful information. It focuses on developing safe and effective treatments for individuals affected by autism and provides information accordingly.

Autism Society

It is exactly the resource that individuals on the autism spectrum need. It deals mostly with daily problems and offers solutions. In addition to its efforts to increase public awareness, it is a resource for finding and providing appropriate services for individuals of all ages with autism. It is possible to find up-to-date information about the rights, treatments, and education of individuals with autism. In addition to all these, it also works on the sensory problems of individuals with autism and provides support. For example, it offers them movie pleasure in movie theaters designed for children with autism.

Autism Speaks

It is the biggest advocate of autism. It has adopted the principle of raising awareness of autism in society. And it makes all these activities based on science. It can be said that it is a comprehensive guide. They have created special training programs for certain age groups and their families with the special kits they have created. There are also programs for families only.

Disability Scoop 

If you have a child with autism, you should register on this website to instantly access the most up-to-date information and research and receive instant news from them. Experts working on the website will instantly inform you of this information as they have access to many different news sources. It is a great resource for the most up-to-date information, especially on developmental barriers.

MyAutismTeam “You Are Not Alone”

It is an excellent resource for parents with children with autism. It is a free social network. It offers you a great opportunity to contact families with children with autism close to your location, country, and where you live. In this way, parents meet people with who they can talk about their children comfortably, they do not have to hide, and they are sure that they will understand their experiences. In addition to sharing the latest developments, tips, and lives with each other, they can ask each other questions and get help from each other. In addition to these, it is a website with a continuous flow of information. There is a directory of experts and autism-friendly providers in the field and is constantly being renewed.

Organization for Autism Research

The purpose of the establishment of this website is to research and comprehend the difficulties of autism and to produce and apply studies on them. It is a great resource available to all individuals with autism to reduce their social, educational, and treatment concerns about autism. It provides great funding to the autism community. He works hard to provide the latest and most useful information to members of the community. All the research results and the latest information they present are aimed at increasing the living standards of individuals with autism.

Sesame Street and Autism: See Amazing in All Children

Especially, it determines children with autism between the ages of 2 and 5 and their families as a target audience. They design programs and activities for them. Their attempts are also in this direction. It is a great resource, especially for families with a child with autism that they are not alone and there are no problems they cannot overcome. They offer easy methods and tips for coping with daily activities. It offers an affirmative perspective to everyone on the autism spectrum and their families.

Wrightslaw Special Education Law and Advocacy

It is a great website where you can find the most accurate and reliable information about the law. It advocates for laws and legal rules not only for individuals with autism but for all people with disabilities.

Birth Injury Justice Center

The Birth Injury Justice Center is dedicated to supporting children and families who have been affected by disabilities caused at birth. Erb’s palsy is one of the main disorders they are dealing with. Even though it is not very known, it is observed in 1 out of 1000 children. This disorder leaves a child with nerve damage, tearing, and even paralysis in severe instances. The good news is these can be cured with proper treatment and care in most cases. The Birth Injury Justice strives to provide answers, help, support, and guidance to ensure that families with Erb’s palsy receive the assistance they need in order to improve their life quality.

Resources for Professionals

American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA)

It is an association created especially for audiologists. It is an association that enables them to certify their professionalism and scientificity on a national scale. In addition to audiologists, speech-language pathologists, language and auditory scientists, support staff and audiology students can be part of this association. It is possible to find not only audiology-related information but also much other useful information on their website. It provides an overview of autism and provides more specific information in the scope of speech-language pathologies.

The National Association of Special Education Teachers (NASET)

It is an organization that supports teachers serving in special education. It is national. It provides information on many disorders as well as very detailed information and research on autism spectrum disorder. Thanks to the detailed resource library it has, it makes it easy to access all the information special education teachers need.

Federal Agencies and Organizations

Center for Parent Information and Resources (CPIR)

This center is a source of information, research, and products. It is found in all aspects. It is a resource specially prepared for individuals and families whose native language is not English but who need special education and support. They are also served according to their mother tongue. Since they do not speak English, they are not restricted from any knowledge or half. It is an enormously rich source of information. They serve throughout the country. It is a great resource that provides access to the expert you can get the service you want.

The Center on Technology and Disability

It is a science and technology-based resource. It is specially designed to increase the capacity of disabled individuals and families to receive help and support. It facilitates access to educational technology applications and devices. It is based on research. It offers applications or technological developments specially designed to enable or increase the participation of babies, children, individuals, and their families with disabilities in daily routines. They strive to ensure that disabled people receive the same education and service under the same conditions as those who have completed their development. They work to improve their education curriculum. Being aware of the fact that disabled individuals can also have a career, they make this a public awareness and conduct researches and develop practices to meet the standards of disabled individuals.

Early Childhood Technical Assistance Center (ECTA)

It is located within the North Caroline University. They work to ensure that disabled individuals and their families receive the same quality of service as the rest of society. They support and provide evidence-based and culturally compatible services. It is family-centered. It is an amazing resource.

IRIS Center

It is an incredible resource about teaching and interventions that can benefit people with disabilities. It is based on evidence and science. It is aimed at professional development programs. It has been created to enable disabled individuals to participate in business life. It offers resources on this topic.

National Professional Development Center on Autism Spectrum Disorders

It is a resource created for professionals working with individuals with autism. It provides resources for them to improve themselves. It is a free resource. The presented resources are equipped with detailed information. It is presented to the experts in the field by explaining how to follow, how to plan, and how to apply in the finest detail.

The U.S. Department of Education

It should not be forgotten that every child studying at a public school has equal rights. The US Department of Education has supported this by law. The Ministry is obliged to provide all the technical assistance required for all disabled children and young people to receive the same education. It also supports projects in this direction and creates funds. In addition, families with a disabled child can easily access the information they want or need. It offers guidance. It contains a wide variety of sources.

Resources For Families

100 Days Kit, Autism Speaks

It is a kit that provides information and support to families with autism to make it easier for them to adapt to their new lives when their children are diagnosed with autism.

A Parent’s Guide to Evidence-Based Practice and Autism

It is a guide to help parents. It helps families with children on the autism spectrum. It is the first assistant of families in helping children with autism discover themselves and reach their potential. It helps and provides support to parents with difficult decisions they make.

Autism Source, Autism Society of America (ASA)

It is a locally-based database that offers all kinds of autism-related resources. It aims at interaction, departments, and support with institutions across the country. It contains information accordingly.

Autism NOW

It is a national resource that provides any information you can think of about autism. It is an enormous comprehensive source of information. It is an information and resource point for autism spectrum disorder and other developmental disorders. It is a resource that provides services to both disabled individuals and their families.

Autism Wandering Awareness Alerts Response Education (AWAARE)

It is a resource serving the autism community. Their aim is to examine the deaths of individuals with autism in the community and to conduct studies to prevent these deaths.

Department of Education

They create resources for the educational needs of children with disabilities, with autism, or without autism. They make improvements in line with the policies they process and accept. They draw special attention to specific educational issues. They design training sets, various websites, and applications that focus on these issues and try to embed them in the training curriculum. In addition, they allow children with disabilities and their parents to participate in research and studies in schools and school districts.

Life Journey Through Autism Series, Organization for Autism Research (OAR)

The descriptions in this published manual are available online and are available for free. Although most of them are available in Spanish, verbatim translations are also available. It contains a parental assessment guide. It includes evaluations that will make it easier for parents to live with a child with autism and to understand how it feels. It is a generally helpful resource for parents.

It aims to help parents benefit from autism research and also benefit studies. It ensures that the difficulties that children with autism may experience in their transition stages are understood by their parents.

Mental Health Services Locator, National Mental Health Information Center

It determines the resources that families can reach to receive professional service and helps them in reaching. It provides all kinds of information, resources, and support that families need. They ensure that the mental health service that individuals with autism need are met.

Operation Autism for Military Families

It is a website created to support parents with children with autism in military family members. Being aware that military children already suffer from emotional hunger, this formation aims to provide the highest level of support both to military parents and their disabled children.

School Accreditation, National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC)

The name implies that it provides accreditation for certain schools. In addition to the accreditation it provides, it provides tools and resources for childcare. These resources are provided to parents as well as caretakers.

State Programs, National Dissemination Center for Children with Disabilitiesexternal icon (NICHCY) 

It is a resource that deals with people with disabilities in your region or lists the institutions and organizations established on this basis and allows you to reach them whenever you want. Lists institutions that address disability and repair problems. It is an excellent resource for people with disabilities and their families alike. There are many different lists. It is quite easy to choose the one that suits your purpose. It allows you to filter your options by selecting criteria according to the age group, developmental disorder, organization, state, or parent group you want.

Educational Resources

Amaze – Teaching an Autistic Student

It is a resource created to support educators. It is a source of information with enormous information and methods. It supports special education teachers and enables them to create an active learning environment. Contains practical information.

Autism CRC – Structured Teaching

It is a free resource. It is a structured learning package. It is designed to help students with autism better understand and comprehend in the classroom setting. It is mostly supported by visual elements. It includes practical strategies.

Different Roads to Learning

Behavioral interventions are the main starting point for this resource. It contains information, methods, and tools that support the development of children with autism in every sense.

Autism Teen Well-being

It is a source of information specifically designed to help adolescents with autism cope with their adolescent problems, take precautions and develop strategies against possible depression and anxiety. It is designed for families, caretakers, teachers, and communities.

Positively Autism

It is a great resource for anyone working on behalf of individuals with autism. It consists of online tools. Provides motivation. It offers a fluent, effective and meaningful flow. It will be your greatest assistant in creating education and intervention programs.

Wandering and Drowning Prevention Toolkit

Most of the deaths in individuals with autism are the result of drowning and wandering. With this set, it is aimed to inform parents and educators about this issue. Key solutions, risks, and actions are taught through this set. Equipped with preventive and reactive resources. The resource set is the first in the world. It was designed by clinicians. Describes the risks of drowning, draws attention, and offers solutions for prevention. It contains vital information for families with children with autism who are inclined to wander around themselves.

They have set a mission that they believe will shape the world for the difference. It draws attention to learning and attention problems. It was created by 15 non-profit organizations. It is supported by scientific ideas. They believe that students who think differently can be successful with the right education. They prepare training programs accordingly.

Bring Special Interests Into Lesson Plans

It is known that individuals with autism are very selective in some subjects and they are quite persistent in their selectivity. They focus on specific topics and activities. You can make these obsessive subjects and activities a factor that helps children with autism focus on the lesson. Turning a situation that looks like a disadvantage into an advantage is entirely up to you. For example, if a child with autism is very interested in space, you can use planets to teach counting numbers in math. 

Closing the Gap: Changing Lives with Assistive Technology

It was founded more than 25 years ago by parents who have a child with autism. They had a goal of finding technology that could help them in their children’s education and even life. It was their priority to compare and implement these assistive technologies they found. With international conferences, publications, training, and websites, they have made this a resource that can be used by parents with children with autism worldwide. They share the latest research, information, and training available. It provides the information parents need to make smart choices.

Financial Resources

Children’s Health Insurance Program

Remember that your children are as human as you are, and they need insurance as much as you do. This campaign is the health insurance offered by the state for children from birth until the age of 18. This insurance can be done for very low fees or for free. Supported by the Ministry of Health. Each state has a program and budget that provides this. It is possible to find more detailed information on resource websites. There is detailed information about who is covered by this insurance, who can have it, and how to apply.

It is a resource established with the contribution of the state. It has also been developed in partnership with federal institutions. It provides a personalized access facility. It is aimed to create a common vision and mission. It helps you to benefit from the advantages offered by the state at the maximum point.


It is a federal resource. They help with medical payments. They play a major role in meeting the hospital and treatment costs of certain groups. Each state has its own program and they make adjustments according to their own budget. The rules may vary according to these budget differences. You can call state offices directly to get more detailed and accurate information.

The Arc Medicaid Reference Desk

It is a resource that people with disabilities, who are mentally, physically, or developmentally, can use. This helps individuals with their learning stages. It was created with the awareness that the education offered to these individuals should be different and original.

Social Security Benefits

It was created to protect the rights of disabled individuals and their parents, who are unaware of insurance payments but actually deserve these payments. They undertake the representation of these individuals and families. It is for children with congenital disabilities. 

Sound Advice on Autism

It is a unique resource that enables the flow of information between autism professionals and families with autism. It allows parents’ questions to be answered. It facilitates the communication of parents and experts.

Special Needs Trust/Estate Planning

If you have a disabled child, you will think about how your children will survive even after you die. This resource comes to the aid of parents at this point. Parents draft a special will, allowing the state to have access to their assets to support their children after their death. In this way, parents plan and finance the financial future for their disabled children in advance. 


It is an undeniable fact that the number of autism communities is increasing in today’s world. While increasing in quantity, improvements have been made in terms of quality in the eyes of the communities. AutismCare is one of the biggest of these communities. It is a national initiative and resource. It was created with government support. They provide assistance and support to disabled individuals and their families in case of any disaster. It is free and provides an online service.

Screening, Diagnosis, and Intervention

Caring for Children With Autism Spectrum Disorders: A Resource Toolkit for Clinicians

It is a clinical resource that will assist the patient throughout his life. It is aimed to help the individual with autism to recognize the disease, to evaluate the individual, to receive the right treatment, and to the methods in the ongoing treatment of the individual.

Developmental Screening/Testing Coding 

It is the first information form for experts to diagnose autism. It is a guide on how to implement and report limited screening and testing services.

Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders

It is a guide used in the classification of mental health diseases that started to be used in America but is accepted worldwide. It is important to create a common language. A standard classification is made regarding not only mental disorders but also developmental disorders. Today, DSM-5 is accepted and used as the newest and updated version.

The International Classification of Diseases

It is a standardized coding system for diagnosis and procedures. It is recognized worldwide, not just within the United States. It is valid internationally.

M-CHAT (Modified Checklist for Autism in Toddlers)

It is a test that can be completed online by parents to give an idea to parents who suspect that their children have autism. Scoring is calculated automatically after questions are answered. According to the result, the things that parents should do and the way they should follow appear on the screen. It should never be forgotten that this is not enough to come to a definitive conclusion. 

Act Early on Developmental Concerns: Partnering with Early Intervention

It is a resource that provides detailed information about early intervention, community services, resources, training, and treatment methods. It offers practical tips and tools. By providing a general perspective about health services, it informs individuals about what kind of service they can get.

Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics Online

It is a resource for those who are more professionally and more medically interested in child development and behavior. It focuses on all healthcare services you can think of. It provides you with detailed information about early intervention, health screening, treatment methods, and many other health services. It has been developed for both professionals and parents. It is scientifically based and accordingly, materials and tools are provided. It focuses on both primary and secondary health care.

FYYZY Educational Posters for Preschool Kids Classroom Learning Alphabet Numbers Shapes Colors Laminated Poster Chart Set 15 Pack

It is a perfect educational set. It is easy to teach basic daily life knowledge with these colorful cards. It draws children’s attention easily. It has never been that easy to learn numbers, letters, time, colors, dates, seasons, holidays, animals, and shapes. These cards are relatively detailed. They help children to establish basic cognitive skills. They can be used by many professionals. For example, it can be used for tutoring or educational purposes. They are easy to store and easy to carry. You will be very satisfied with these educational cards.

JOYIN 10 Pieces Number Robot Action Figure Toys for Kids Number Learning, Birthday Party, School Classroom Rewards, Carnival Prizes, Education Toy, Easter Basket Stuffers, Christmas Stocking Stuffers

It contains 10 robots to teach children numbers and how to count. It is made of high-quality material and highly durable. They are easy to use, easy to store, easy to carry, and easy to switch between numbers. It is an amazing educational tool for number identification. You can, as a parent, create a fun and educational playtime easily with these robots. Especially if you have a child on the autism spectrum, it is perfect for them. You can keep their attention on these for a very long time. They can play with those hours and hours long.

Autism Supplies And Developments Plastic Visual ASD Behavior Keyring (Picture Communication Symbols)

They are educational cards for each daily routine activity for children on the autism spectrum. They are created based on fulfilling their needs. There are both negative and positive behaviors included. They mostly focus on what the behavior is and why we do these in daily life. They are perfectly educational. Their sizes are also perfect to carry them in the pocket and store them everywhere easily. It is very easy to learn symbols, circumstances, and activities. You will be very satisfied with the results.

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