Autism Research Institute (ARI)

The Autism Research Institute (ARI) is a non-profit and volunteer-based organization founded in 1967. The community it addresses are individuals with autism, their families, and professionals. It was established to carry out scientific research on autism or to support studies that are currently being conducted. It gives a lot of support to studies on diagnosis, treatment methods, and prevention. They also enjoy sharing research results with parents who have children with autism or professionals who are working with children with autism. 

The purpose of the Autism Research Institute (ARI) is to prove that autism is a treatable disease. In 1967, when it was founded by Dr. Bernard Rimland, they were working entirely in this direction. They work in cooperation with other autism-centered organizations around the world and are in a constant flow of information. Even more, they lead this outreach. The Autism Research Institute protects and defends the rights of individuals with autism both locally and nationally. It supports and advocates without any funding from individuals with autism or other special interest groups.

The autism diagnosis rate in children is increasing rapidly with the developing technology and the expanded definition of autism. And its continued growth is also expected by experts and is not seen as unusual. In this direction, it is expected that individuals, families, and communities will understand living with autism and struggle to cope with this situation. Unfortunately, the main cause of autism remains uncertain. It has traditionally been considered an incurable disease for years. However, Autism Research Institute (ARI) defends the thesis that this is not the case, that autism is a treatable disease, and supports research in this direction.

ARI has pioneered modern autism research since its establishment. It leads not only nationwide research but also worldwide research. It provides support to institutions and universities in biological research, educational support, and networking. As mentioned earlier, they do not accept the traditional view that autism is an incurable and genetic disease, and they challenge those who support this view.

Actions of Autism Research Institute (ARI) 

Autism Research Institute (ARI) is the leading advocacy organization in autism research with worldwide acceptance. It is a unique resource for individuals with autism, their families, and professional professionals. Researchers who are researched for early diagnosis, treatment, and application methods use every new information they find to facilitate the lives of individuals with autism.

This community has supported over 100 studies and provided scholarships to researchers over the past 10 years. And they still continue to support them. Currently supported projects:

  • Organizing informative activities for parents and caregivers with online events and training
  • Maintaining a steady circulation of scholarships by offering medical education loans
  • To keep up-to-date research by creating e-bulletins to be published at regular intervals
  • To be a free assessment tool for individuals with autism and to present it in different languages
  • To inform the autism community by constantly publishing the latest updates in the autism world
  • Establishing discussion topics on promising diagnostic methods, interventions, and treatments, or sponsoring already established projects
  • To make appropriate schedules for the creation of a sample bank in hospital laboratories and to provide the appropriate budget
  • To conduct research in the same direction by collaborating with other institutions and organizations related to autism worldwide
  • Resource Line (833) 281-7165

Operations of Autism Research Institute (ARI) 

The Autism Research Institute (ARI) is an organization dedicated to making the lives of individuals with autism and their families easier. It benefits from donations while doing its work in this direction. It carries out its activities independently from state institutions or drug manufacturers, only with the support of volunteers. You should remember that autism research needs voluntary support from the Autism Research Institute (ARI) in order to continue and advance autism research and help families with autism.

The Autism Research Institute (ARI) is a non-profit and volunteer-based organization. The community it addresses are individuals with autism, their families, and professionals. It was established to carry out scientific research on autism or to support studies that are currently being conducted. It gives a lot of support to studies on diagnosis, treatment methods, and prevention. They also enjoy sharing research results with parents who have children with autism or professionals who are working with children with autism. 

Education and Support

For Individuals Diagnosed with Autism

  • Higher education and work
  • Temple Grandin: Inside autism spectrum disorder
  • Resources: Deaf/HOH and blind/visually impaired with an autism spectrum disorder
  • Lifestyle: Adult with autism

For Parents and Care Providers

  • Newly diagnosed
  • Finding a clinician
  • How to identify good scientific research
  • Care and lifestyle: Autism and adulthood
  • Sibling care
  • The arts and transitions

For Clinicians & Therapists

  • Beyond genetics in autism
  • Adverse drug reactions
  • Gene penetrance in autism
  • Genetics, the environment, and autism spectrum disorder
  • Immune function and autism
  • Complimentary continuing medical education

For Researchers

  • Grants funded
  • Funding period
  • Amount of awards 
  • Priorities for funding
  • Allowable expenses
  • Eligibility

Autism Treatment Evaluation Checklist (ATEC)

In addition to well-known autism screening tests, Autism Research Institute (ARI) provides ATEC for quick assessment. It is a method that controls the effectiveness of autism treatment, which is a major deficiency in autism research. It allows the evaluation of interventions over the years. It gives information about the effectiveness of both medical and psychological treatment methods. It is highly recommended that researchers use this test as there is no other test in this direction.

This test was developed by Dr. Bernard Rimland and Stephen M. Edelson of the Autism Research Institute. It is recommended to be filled by parents or primary caregivers. It has 4 different subtests to fill. 

  • Speech and Language Communication (14 questions)
  • Sociability (20 questions)
  • Sensory and Cognitive Awareness (18 questions)
  • Health, Physical, and Behavior (25 questions)
  • Address: 4182 Adams Avenue, San Diego, CA 92116
  • Phone: 619-281-7165
  • Fax: 619-563-0915
  • Website:

Autism-Related Organizations

Searching for information about autism spectrum disorder on the internet sometimes can be overwhelming. There is a lot of information that can lead to confusion. So, where should people, or most parents, turn to for the most relevant information and the most updated resources when there are plenty of different options? There are both international organizations and some local organizations related to autism spectrum disorder. Apart from being an organization, they involve some useful and informative internet pages.

Why Is There An Increase In The Number of Autism-Related Organizations?

Since there is an increase in the number of people with autism, there is an increase in the number of organizations accordingly. You may have someone in your life with autism, you may know someone with autism or you just want to help someone with autism. There are different ways to do that. There are different ways to show your support. Autism-related charities and organizations are one of those best ways. Especially, non-profit autism-related organizations are the best and simplest way to show your support. There are so many options that can meet your personal criteria. However, you need to keep in mind that, eventually they are worth supporting. 

There are different non-profit organizations. For example, some of them working for a cure, some of them working for diagnosis, some of them working for raising awareness, or some of them working for helping individuals on the spectrum. They may have completely different missions and goals. 

Moreover, they can be geographically focused and you can choose the nearest one in your neighborhood. On the other hand, they can age focused. They can provide services only to adults on the autism spectrum or only children on the autism spectrum.

There are different ways available in order to help non-profit organizations. It can be being volunteer, donating, giving back, or doing researches. It is something completely up to you. 

While autism is defined as a separate childhood disease, its prevalence until the 1980s has been defined rarely, and it has been accepted as increasing frequency until today with many epidemiological studies. According to the researches, the rates seen by evaluating and screening children of different age groups by experts in their field were 1/160 in 2000, 1/68 in 2014, and this rate was reported as 1/59 for 2018. 

Why is the incidence of autism increasing so rapidly? There are two obvious reasons for this. One is the development and spread of diagnostic tools. It is now easier to diagnose. Second, environmental factors are thought to trigger the incidence of autism.

In studies examining the reasons for the increase of this frequency, the reason for this has been explained for different reasons. For example; the diagnosis becomes more known, it can be explained by the increase in the number of diagnostic units such as pediatric psychiatry centers or the awareness of the society. 

In addition, since autism is a disorder known to occur in the first years of a person’s life, an investigation has been made on newborn children in diagnoses made to date. As a result of the studies on the subject, individuals who show the symptoms of this disorder at an advanced age are now included in the scope of the definition. 

It was noticed that individuals exhibiting symptoms within the definition of autism did not have such ailments at a young age. As a result of some researches that caused the definition of autism to expand, there was a great increase in the number of people with autism around the world. In this way, the authorities emphasized that the awareness that should be gained in society many years ago has been created indirectly and underlines that autism is not a disease, but a need for support.

To explain, the point that draws attention rather than an increase in the incidence of autism is that the definition of the disease is expanded and more people are accepted as on the autism spectrum, and awareness increases, and individuals with autism become more visible.

Numerous studies examining the relationship between vaccines and autism have not found a significant relationship between vaccination and the possibility of having autism. Vaccination is an application that significantly secures public health, especially in terms of childhood diseases. As the prevalence rate increases in vaccination, there is a decrease in childhood diseases in children or a decrease in the course of the disease even if the disease occurs in the child. In cases where vaccination is refused, it is stated that children are at a more serious risk than autism, at risk of death. 

There are disorders that accompany autism spectrum disorder. Not all children can use medicines, but sometimes they can be accompanied by such a behavioral disorder. For example, the child is unable to control his impulses and begins to bite his arm; when he gets angry, he can hit his head against the wall very violently, or harm the other person. Impulse control disorder can be seen. In such cases, it is obligatory to get drug support. Just having any education is not enough. Because in order for the child to receive education, the child must be ready for education. Thank God, in today’s world, when you see a child of one and a half and two years old, it is highly possible to be said that “yes this child is on the autism spectrum”.

This point is one of the most difficult events in the world for parents. Imagine, you have children with great dreams, but after the birth, even before your child gets 18 months old age, you see that your child does not communicate with you, does not look at your face, when you clap your hands or when you show something, he or she does not care. This can cause incredible disappointment for parents. Especially after hearing the diagnosis, they may experience a period of depression and inadmissibility for days and weeks. 

Calming Clipper Haircutting Kit for Children with Autism and Sensory Sensitivity, Right-Handed, 10 Piece (Includes Barber Cape)

Since we all know that children with autism spectrum disorder are very sensitive and they don’t like to be touched, haircutting becomes a very challenging task for them. With the help of this set, it becomes easier. It is a very quiet alternative for them. It is a highly recommended product by families. Overall, you will be very pleased and happy with this set and haircutting won’t be torture anymore. 

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