Increasing Awareness About Autism By Puzzle Piece Tattoos

Tattoos are done on purpose, more than that, some of them have great purposes such as inspiration and reaching the rest of the world. By having a puzzle piece tattoo, moms, dads, sisters, brothers, and friends want to raise awareness about autism spectrum disorder. As it is accepted by the world, puzzle piece symbolizes autism spectrum disorder. It is the universal symbol of autism, and many people get a tattoo of this puzzle piece logo or its variations on their body to indicate that they support autism.

This puzzle piece design was first used by groups of autism advocates to symbolize a struggle of individuals with autism in order to fit into others. Puzzle piece tattoos, like how it is supposed to be, feature interlocking pieces. These pieces are in different bright and dark colors. These colors represent the uniqueness of each individual with autism on the spectrum. They are different from each other because they are affected in different ways by the disease they have. It is not necessary or compulsory but since the color blue is the traditional color for autism awareness, blue puzzle piece tattoos are likely to honor autism.

Having these puzzle piece tattoos is not very expensive. It has the same price as other tattoos. It may inspire people for hope, raise awareness, and support the autism community. It shows that you have someone incredible with autism in your life.

There are many creative, cool, and beautiful puzzle piece tattoo ideas. As we all know, that symbol shows the complexity of the disorder itself. So, tattoo artists get inspired by the meaning a lot. If you trust their imagination, you can be sure that you will get the one that reflects you and the complexity of autism at the same time. They have the ability to reflect all the shapes, colors, and diversity at one tattoo.

There is a mom with a child with autism spectrum. She wants to get a tattoo that represents autism for her son. She already has a lot of tattoos on her body. However, because of the business world, all of them can be covered by clothes even though she doesn’t want to cover them. But, when she decided to get one in order to show autism support, she didn’t want to cover it up.

She got one puzzle piece tattoo, but it is not blue, it is green. It is green because it is his son’s favorite color. This autism tattoo is her smallest tattoo but she is proud of what she has. She says that it is her the most important tattoo.

She decided its place strategically. She was very clever at that point. She placed it in her right hand. In this way, when she meets someone and shakes their hands, the tattoo is the first thing the other person sees. Thus, they can ask what it is and many more questions. She is very happy with these reactions and questions because she thinks that she reached her aim. She raises awareness about autism. She raises awareness without spending any money. Her body is what she has got and she uses it very effectively.

There is a father who has a son got diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome. He got his first tattoo after this diagnosis in order to honor his son. He believes the puzzle piece symbol has a different meaning than it has actually. He believes that even though autism is a big part of who his child is, he is a big part of the community as well as a puzzle piece. He wants his child to do anything he wants, go anywhere he wants to go like other people in society. He doesn’t want his autism to affect his life negatively.

He is aware that his child unique and special. He believes that his child is going to change the world for the better. And he says he will always be with his child and the other child with autism. He got a tattoo because he wants people to ask questions about autism. He thinks that it gives him a chance to talk about autism, raise awareness about autism, and support the autism community. He loves answering all questions about autism and making people’s minds clearer.

There is a mother of two children on the autism spectrum. She has an autism puzzle piece tattoo. When she talks about the story of getting an autism tattoo, it still makes her very emotional. In the beginning, she went to the store with the idea of the puzzle piece. Nevertheless, thanks to the imagination of the tattoo artist, she ended with a more creative, more unique, and more representative tattoo. Now, she has a puzzle piece tattoo on her foot with features to describe her as well.

There is a heart next to the puzzle piece to represent her love for her sons and there is a star next to them to represent herself. She got this tattoo as a birthday present for herself. She would do anything for her sons, so why shouldn’t it be a tattoo? With the help of this tattoo, she aimed to raise awareness about autism spectrum disorder and show her support. She is proud of her sons and wants all the world to know it.

There are many creative, cool, and beautiful puzzle piece tattoo ideas. As we all know, that symbol shows the complexity of the disorder itself. So, tattoo artists get inspired by the meaning a lot. If you trust their imagination, you can be sure that you will get the one that reflects you and the complexity of autism at the same time. They have the ability to reflect all the shapes, colors, and diversity at one tattoo.

We read everywhere: Autism is like a puzzle. It is necessary to combine the parts, in order to see the main picture. But we forget one detail. We all have different puzzle pieces. Since every child is unique, everyone’s picture and puzzle pieces will also be different. Therefore, we should not forget that a treatment/therapy method that is beneficial for another child may not give the same result for your child. The reason is not that this method is not effective, but because it is not suitable for your child’s needs.

The Story of the Puzzle Piece

The first use of the puzzle piece as a symbol of autism was by the Autistic Children Association (NAC), which was founded in England in 1963 by the parents of children with autism. This logo was created by Gerald Gasson, a parent and board member at the association.

The association board, which chose the logo, explained that when they looked at the situation of “autistic” people, their situation was full of unknowns like a puzzle and that they saw autism as a kind of riddle and found the problems “astonishing”. The logo was also suitable for charitable use. It did not look like any other image used for commercial purposes in any way. It had not been used elsewhere.

The association’s first logo had the image of a crying child inside the puzzle piece. The crying child was used as a reminder of people with autism that they are suffering from their condition. The uncertainty is a part of a whole, which could not fit in its container due to social differences, pointed to a painting completed when it was replaced.

People with developmental differences were defined as mentally disabled in the 1960s. People with cerebral palsy were called spastic. In those years, the word “autistic” was used instead of “individual with autism”. Children with autism were thought to be psychotic and were diagnosed with childhood schizophrenia. Especially mothers with children with autism were seen as “refrigerator mothers”. Therefore, in those years, the “puzzle piece” in the sense of deficiency, disorder, a lost piece, uncertainty, and autism that seemed like a riddle, fit perfectly. It could explain the situation perfectly.

The puzzle piece also helped autism-related activists understand their situation. Puzzle pieces have since been included in logos and promotional materials of many organizations, including the Autism Association of America and Autism Speaks. It is possible to see this symbol, which is the most recognized in autism, as an “autism awareness” strip that contains red, blue, and yellow puzzle pieces. It is still the symbol that comes to mind when autism is mentioned all over the world.

Well, then what happened when autism rights advocates started to oppose this symbol, thinking that metaphors such as “puzzle” and “incomplete” harm people with autism spectrum disorder?

According to David Mandell, editor of the University of Pennsylvania Journal of Autism Studies, what caused the change in the logo was a separate research topic.

The criticism and objections of some autism activists against the puzzle logo caused the issue to be discussed in the Journal of Autism Research. Editors of the magazine contacted Kabie Brook. Kabie Brook, on the other hand, is an autism-related activist who lives in Scotland, thinks the logo of the puzzle piece needs to change, and conducts studies and researches on this subject. With her statements, Brook paved the way for the necessity of making this change. According to her, we have passed from the time we started using the puzzle piece to a time of modernization and the puzzle piece no longer fits the needs. Instead, she argues, it is time to use something more current and less aggressive.

Upon these statements, the magazine expressed the long-standing concerns of self-advocates, who expressed the problems caused by the puzzle piece image in its new issue. The editors of the magazine decided to use different images and explanations and adjusted their perspective.

They seriously criticized the idea of the puzzle piece. They said it was nourished by a view that saw autism as a problem to be solved, or that it evoked the idea that people with developmental disorders were somehow deficient. Moreover, they said that symbols such as puzzles are also for children who normally complete their development and that it continues to be wrong to limit the symbol to children only.

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