Autism-Related Programs Across The US

One of the most challenging duties in our lives is being a parent, especially being a parent of children with an autism spectrum disorder. It has its own challenges, uniqueness, weaknesses, and strengths. Like every parent, parents of a child with autism always want the best for their children. Since it is a very challenging and sometimes tiring task, there are many programs available all around the world to help both families and individuals themselves. 

It is a fact that in order to develop the child, time, effort, and money are needed. Navigating systems are a little bit complex to support families in the USA. Deciding which program is the best for the child can be struggling for many of them. There are many other challenges and struggles as well that need to be met. If they find the best and the most appropriate program for their children, life becomes easier for the whole family. 

In most programs, parents need to be aware of the fact that Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy is very important for children with an autism spectrum disorder in order to make their lives easier and more liveable. Thanks to this therapy method, struggles may become an obstacle that can be overcome by themselves and without any support. In this case, parents may need to pay even extra money. 

The Provider States For Raising A Child With Autism Spectrum Disorder

Based on some criteria, there are some states ranked. According to these criteria, how these states provide help to enhance the lives of individuals with autism and their families is determined. There are 3 main factors taken into consideration while ranking. 

  1. State laws: for covering the expenses of ABA therapy and what ABA should provide 
  2. Being a part of the ADDM Network
  3. Grants: being available for everyone in the autism community
  • The most supportive states are California, Massachusetts, Colorado, and Indiana. There are many different programs available in these states. They do not have any restrictions to provide their programs to individuals on the autism spectrum or their families. 
  • It would be better if they are part of the ADDM network, nevertheless, Colorado is the only one that meets these criteria in the top 5 states. They provide their programs to both children and adults. 
  • Idaho is the only state without state law for ABA treatment. This treatment only requires some coverage.
  • In New Mexico and Florida, they provide a lifetime coverage limit. It is specified by state law. They are the only cities that make it a requirement. 
  • South Carolina, Wisconsin, Kentucky, and Arkansas are the cities that provide ABA therapy at most. They spend all the coverage money for ABA therapy. On the other hand, Nevada is on the top of the list which has the maximum coverage amount. 
  • There is no specific age limit in order to provide programs, however, there is a specific variety for insurance coverage. 5% of the programs have an age limit of 19-21, 27% of the programs have an age limit of 16-18, 12% of programs have an age limit of 12-15, and 5% of the programs have an age limit of 12 or below. 

The Autism Program of Illinois (TAP)

It is the largest comprehensive service provider to the autism community. There are 15 agencies and 17 centers across the US. These agencies and centers provide services and programs to children on the autism spectrum, adults on the autism spectrum, their families, educator, professionals, and daycare providers as well. It is easy to find the nearest programs and services. It is only one click away from you. These programs provide enough information, resources, and support. 

  • Address: Hope Pavilion, 5220 S. 6th Street Rd., Ste 1700, Springfield IL 62703
  • Phone: (217) 585-5178

Service Centers

  • Easter Seals Rockford (815-395-5566)
  • Kreider Services, Dixon (815-288-6691)
  • Trinity Services, New Lenox (815-462-4273)
  • Easter Seals Central Illinois (309-686-1177 / 309-663-8275)
  • The Autism Clinic at Hope (217-525-8332)
  • The Autism Clinic at Hope, Edwardsville (217-525-8332) 
  • CTF Illinois, Charleston (217-348-3869)

University Partners

  • University of Illinois – Chicago (312-413-1490)
  • Illinois State University, Normal (309-438-3749)
  • University of Illinois Urbana/Champaign (217-244-1395)
  • Southern Illinois University Carbondale (618-536-2122)

Collaborative Partners

  • Grupo Salto, Chicago (773-757-9691)
  • Little Friends, Naperville (630-355-6533)
  • Have Dreams, Park Ridge & Evanston (847-685-0250)
  • RCADD, Chicago (312-746-5447)
  • The Answer, Forest Park (312-296-5651)

Easterseals Autism Services

They have been serving for more than 100 years. Their programs provide different kinds of interventions in order to help and boost the life of individuals on the autism spectrum. Their programs are based on age. They provide services for young children (preschool), school-aged children and youth, and adults. Across the country, there are many programs offered. 

Programs for Young Children with Autism 

  • Going to preschool
  • Common programs for students with autism: Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA); Developmental, Individual-Difference, Relationship-Based (DIR); The Education of ASD and Related Communication Handicapped Children (TEACCH)
  • Understanding what “inclusive” care is and for
  • What is needed in a preschool program?
  • Communicating with other people around themselves
  • Making friends and learning social skills
  • Having a great life with family 
  • Finding qualified child care providers
  • Getting ready to start school / Transition

Programs for School-Aged Children and Youth with Autism

  • Going to school
  • Common programs for students with autism: Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA); Developmental, Individual-Difference, Relationship-Based (DIR); The Education of ASD and Related Communication Handicapped Children (TEACCH)
  • Communicating with other people around themselves
  • Making friends
  • Enjoying family life
  • Summers off and school breaks
  • Preparing for the “real world”

Programs for Adults with Autism

  • Finding a job
  • Day programs for graduates who remain at home
  • Moving away from home: independent living, supported living, supervised group living, adult foster care, in-home services, and respite care. 
  • Making friends
  • Outliving the parents
  • Address: 141 W Jackson Blvd, Suite 1400A, Chicago, IL 60604
  • Phone: 800 221-6827

California Autism Resource & Evaluation Foundation (C.A.R.E.)

It is basically a grant program. In this program, they mainly help families with autism with all the steps of autism diagnosis and treatment. They help also with therapy sessions and even summer camps. All the grants are directly provided for tuition, supplements, medication, evaluation, testing and assessments, therapies, treatments, and so on. 

  • Phone: 833 222-4226

Autism Spectrum Disorder Foundation (ASDF) 

  • Address: 228 W. Lincoln Highway 301, Schererville, IN 46375
  • Phone: 877 806-0635

Holiday Gift Card Program

Across the USA, they give families with autism 100 dollars gift cards in order to spend quality time on holidays. Families need to register in order to get the benefit of these cards. The foundation is aware of the fact that most of the families with autism have financial struggles and difficulties. In order to make these difficulties lower at least on holidays, they want to make these children and their families happy as a foundation by giving them gift cards. 

ASDF partners help the foundation in order to find and select families with autism to give financial assistance. These gift cards will help those families to bring joy, happiness, and hope to their homes. These cards help families in so many ways. Even though having a child on the autism spectrum is expensive, still parents want to make them happy. At this point, this gift card program is a lifesaver for families. 

Holiday Gift Card Program Partners

  • Autism Pensacola
  • The Bridge of Georgia

iPad For Kids Program

Across the USA, they provide financial assistance by giving an iPad for individuals with an autism spectrum disorder in order to attend summer camp. They provide an iPad because it is needed during camps to express their emotions and creativity. 

As we all know communication problems are one of the main symptoms of autism. Individuals with autism spectrum disorder have difficulties to express themselves, to form sentences and words, and to have a conversation with others around themselves. The traditional approach is using cards, however, we are living in the 21st century and technology has developed enough to use electronic devices for communication. These iPads that ASDF provides are specially designed only for this aim. 

The iPad For Kids Program is designed to break the communication barrier. It is easy to use and easy to care for. It gives a voice to individuals on the autism spectrum. There are words, symbols, and pictures in order to express what they feel and what they think. These iPads can be used in classes. 

Social Skills Camp Scholarship Program

In order to provide this program, ASDF works collaboratively with its partner organizations. They provide scholarships to families with autism spectrum if they want to participate in social skills camps. Nevertheless, it is impossible to help each family. But, they still do their best through their programs and help as possible as children on the spectrum with low income. 

As well all know individuals with autism have a lack of social abilities and skills. It is important to participate in educational programs for them. In these programs, they engage with other people on the autism spectrum and gain a lot of benefits. For example, they become better at social interactions or they become better at participation. 

ASDF is aware of the importance of social skills. Thus, they provide social skills camps. On the other hand, they are a lit bit pricey programs for families with autism who have already economic struggles in their lives. So, ASDF offers social skills camps to these families. Through their programs, they provide full or partial scholarships in order to participate in these camps. 

Social Skills Camp Scholarship Program Partners

  • Autism Pensacola
  • The Autism Project
  • The Bridge of Georgia
  • Camp Odakoda ASD Oregon

Fat Brain Toys Dimpl Digits Baby Toys & Gifts for Babies

It is a bilingual designed toy. It gives the opportunity to teach Spanish words and numbers at the same time. It is very beneficial for early learning. It encourages fine motor development. Even though it is for babies, toddlers can benefit from it as well.

Battat – Hide & Seek Alphabet Pop-Up – 50 Shapes Colors Letters Numbers – Learning Toys for Toddlers – Phthalates & Bpa Free

It is an excellent toy during vacations and traveling. There are 50 different colorful buttons to teach numbers, letters, colors, and shapes. It is a very educational and beneficial set. It has great illustrations with it road-friendly design. It can be played easily in vehicles. Even though it looks like it is an easy alphabet game, it is more than that. It encourages learning and develops motor skills. With its affordable price, it gives you an opportunity to spend a great time during vacations.

CyrillicShop Travel Busy Board Toy for Toddlers – Busy Cube – Activity Board Toddler Toys – Montessori Toy – Educational Toy For Babies – Sensory Toy – Activity Cube – Latches Toy – Puzzle Toy – Lacing Toy

It is an educational toy to keep your child busy during vacation. It developed based on Montessori principles. Motor skills, memory, imagination, and creativity have been developed with the help of this toy. There are many different elements in it. It attracts children’s attention easily.

Calming Covers Sensory Sock for Kids with or Without Autism

Even though it can be used by everyone, it is beneficial for children on the autism spectrum. It creates a calm environment for them. The material is very soft, thick, and resistant. It can be worn by any size of children. You can choose the size easily. Especially if your child has sensory issues, it will be his/her best friend. It is a great investment at its affordable price.

Sensory4u Indoor Therapy Swing for Kids with Special Needs (Hardware Included) Snuggle Swing | Cuddle Hammock for Children with Autism, ADHD, Aspergers | Great for Sensory Integration

This swing gives comfort that individuals on the autism spectrum or with special needs need. It is used for therapeutical reasons. Especially during meltdowns, it is very beneficial by giving comfort. It develops coordination, balance, stimulation, muscles, fine, and gross motor skills. It is a highly recommended product.

CHUCHIK Fidget Cube Toys. Prime Desk Toy, Reduce Anxiety and Stress Relief for Autism, Add, ADHD & OCD

It helps to increase concentration and decrease stress. It keeps individuals on the autism spectrum focused and busy. It is specially designed for those individuals who have struggled with concentration. It can be played anywhere and anytime. It is great for anyone at any age. It satisfied the urges of individuals on the autism spectrum. With its quality, you will be very pleased.

Intelex Warmies Microwavable French Lavender Scented Plush, Manatee Warmies

It is a therapy toy. There are different animal options to choose from according to a child’s preference. It can be used for any age. It provides a soothing effect. It provides warmth and calms especially for children on the autism spectrum. It is an amazing bedtime friend. It reduces anxiety and gives comfort.

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