Autism Partnership Foundation (APF)

Autism Partnership Foundation (APF) is a non-profit organization that is a leader in autism-related researches, training, and education. If you have someone on the autism spectrum in your life, joining this foundation is a great way to help them in order to reach their fullest potential. 

In Autism Partnership Foundation, they believe that everyone with or without autism has a right to live in this world by reaching their fullest potential. In order to reach that potential, effective methodology in advance and analytic treatments are needed. To improve the life quality of individuals on the autism spectrum, they are needed. 

As we all know, according to the latest statistics, 1 in every 54 children get diagnosed with autism. There is a huge need for treatment. This treatment should be as effective as and as accessible as it can be. This need is greater than ever for them. It is also very important to continue to develop and improve your knowledge and society’s knowledge of autism spectrum disorder. It has to be kept in mind as well that addressing the most effective treatment and intervention is very vital in the case of the life of individuals with autism. In Autism Partnership Foundation, they accept and follow these understandings very well. 

Services Autism Partnership Foundation Provides

  • Research
  • The Academy

It is an excellent opportunity to get a Master’s degree in Autism Partnership Foundation. You will be educated by professionals who have degrees in related areas. The academy involves 2 to 3 years of commitment, health benefits, free time for graduate coursework, salaried position, research experience, and opportunity to work with the APF professional team. 

They teach ABA intervention. They increase your knowledge about the concept of ABA and core features of autism spectrum disorder. They provide ongoing training. They give you an opportunity to work with individuals who got diagnosed with autism. This opportunity will improve the quality of ABA intervention you will apply. Besides all of these, thanks to the academy, awareness about autism and understanding of autism interventions will increase. 

  • Conferences and Training

Anyone who has someone with autism in their lives or wants to know more about autism can join these conferences. As an expert, behavior analysts, educators, psychologists, pediatricians, speech-language pathologists, parents of children with autism, and anyone who wants to gain knowledge about autism and treatments. 

  • Revenue 
  • Statistics and Numbers
  • Support

In order to support the foundation, there are many different ways you can follow. These can be a donation, recurring gifts, planned giving, amazon smile, or sponsorship. You can choose the proper one for yourself in order to support the autism community and show your support. 

  • Contact

Address: Autism Partnership Foundation, 200 Marina Drive, Seal Beach, CA 90740

E-mail: [email protected]

Things You Need to Consider Before Donating 

People are always concerned about the money they are going to donate. And, at some point they are right. They want to how they use that money. Is it going to spend on rent? Is it going to spend on bills? That’s why donations for a local organization would be a better option. 

Every city, bigger or smaller, has non-profit autism-related organizations, agencies, or groups. All of them need your support. You can choose one of them. You need to choose a group that you are sure about the only thing they care about is individuals on the spectrum. If you are living in a big city, your options would be more. You can be even more specific about the organization you are going to donate to. 

You need to be sure that the group, agency, or organization exactly do what they claim. For example, if they say we are doing researches, they should do really researches. They really should spend money on researches and they need to prove that to you. Do not hesitate to ask for detailed information. 

One of the most important things is reputation. The agency you are going to donate to should have a somehow good reputation. Whether for parents, for adults or for children, you need to choose the one that they really do their jobs over there. Furthermore, you can spend one day or attend an event in order to see what they do. Ideally, if you spend a day with an individual with autism, it will be easier. You can be sure that it is the right group, agency, or organization that you are going to support and donate to. 

Autism-Related Organizations

Searching for information about autism spectrum disorder on the internet sometimes can be overwhelming. There are lots of information that can lead to confusion. So, where should people, or most parents, turn to for the most relevant information and the most updated resources when there are plenty of different options? There are both international organizations and some local organizations related to an autism spectrum disorder. Apart from being an organization, they involve some useful and informative internet pages.

Why Is There An Increase In The Number of Autism-Related Organizations?

Since there is an increase in the number of people with autism, there is an increase in the number of organizations accordingly. You may have someone in your life with autism, you may know someone with autism or you just want to help someone with autism. There are different ways to do that. There are different ways to show your support. Autism-related charities and organizations are one of those best ways. Especially, non-profit autism-related organizations are the best and simplest way to show your support. There are so many options that can meet your personal criteria. However, you need to keep in mind that, eventually they are worth supporting. 

There are different non-profit organizations. For example, some of them working for a cure, some of them working for diagnosis, some of them working for raising awareness, or some of them working for helping individuals on the spectrum. They may have completely different missions and goals. 

Moreover, they can be geographically focused and you can choose the nearest one in your neighborhood. On the other hand, they can age focused. They can provide services only to adults on the autism spectrum or only children on the autism spectrum.

There are different ways available in order to help with non-profit organizations. It can be being volunteer, donating, giving back, or doing researches. It is something completely up to you. 

While autism is defined as a separate childhood disease, its prevalence until the 1980s has been defined rarely, and it has been accepted as increasing frequency until today with many epidemiological studies. According to the researches, the rates seen by evaluating and screening children of different age groups by experts in their field were 1/160 in 2000, 1/68 in 2014, and this rate was reported as 1/59 for 2018. 

Why is the incidence of autism increasing so rapidly? There are two obvious reasons for this. One is the development and spread of diagnostic tools. It is now easier to diagnose. Second, environmental factors are thought to trigger the incidence of autism.

In studies examining the reasons for the increase of this frequency, the reason for this has been explained for different reasons. For example; the diagnosis becomes more known, it can be explained by the increase in the number of diagnostic units such as pediatric psychiatry centers or the awareness of the society. 

In addition, since autism is a disorder known to occur in the first years of a person’s life, an investigation has been made on newborn children in diagnoses made to date. As a result of the studies on the subject, individuals who show the symptoms of this disorder at an advanced age are now included in the scope of the definition. 

It was noticed that individuals exhibiting symptoms within the definition of autism did not have such ailments at a young age. As a result of some researches that caused the definition of autism to expand, there was a great increase in the number of people with autism around the world. In this way, the authorities emphasized that the awareness that should be gained in society many years ago has been created indirectly and underlines that autism is not a disease, but a need for support.

To explain, the point that draws attention rather than an increase in the incidence of autism is that the definition of the disease is expanded and more people are accepted as on the autism spectrum, and awareness increases and individuals with autism become more visible.

Numerous studies examining the relationship between vaccines and autism have not found a significant relationship between vaccination and the possibility of having autism. Vaccination is an application that significantly secures public health, especially in terms of childhood diseases. As the prevalence rate increases in vaccination, there is a decrease in childhood diseases in children or a decrease in the course of the disease even if the disease occurs in the child. In cases where vaccination is refused, it is stated that children are at a more serious risk than autism, at risk of death. 

There are disorders that accompany autism spectrum disorder. Not all children can use medicines, but sometimes they can be accompanied by such a behavioral disorder. For example, the child is unable to control his impulses and begins to bite his arm; when he gets angry, he can hit his head against the wall very violently, or harm the other person. Impulse control disorder can be seen. In such cases, it is obligatory to get drug support. Just having any education is not enough. Because in order for the child to receive education, the child must be ready for education. Thank God, in today’s world, when you see a child of one and a half and two years old, it is highly possible to be said that “yes this child is on the autism spectrum”.

This point is one of the most difficult events in the world for parents. Imagine, you have children with great dreams, but after the birth, even before your child gets 18 months old age, you see that your child does not communicate with you, does not look at your face, when you clap your hands or when you show something, he or she does not care. This can cause incredible disappointment for parents. Especially after hearing the diagnosis, they may experience a period of depression and inadmissibility for days and weeks. 

Why Is There An Increasing In The Number of Individuals With Autism? 

In today’s world, the increase in disease is a thought-provoking event because there is progress in medicine and people are more conscious than before. These are happening but, on the other hand, also progress in development in medical science, really poisoning foods and producing disorders for getting advantages are increasing.

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is one of the rapidly spreading everyday disorders. Scientists are trying to find the cause of this increase. As a cause of autism, genetic and environmental factors are emphasized.

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