Autism Parenting Magazine

Autism Parenting Magazine is a publication that provides the most up-to-date news, information, and professional guidance, especially for children on the autism spectrum and their families. It is an award-winning publication.

Autism Parenting Magazine has all the information families need. It contains everything to help individuals with an autism spectrum disorder in order to become more independent and successful in their lives. The latest researches and professional advice and guidance are provided. A sense of unity is being brought to the autism community with the help of this publication.

They have started to establish the magazine in 2012. Autism Parenting Magazine is published monthly-based. Their aim was to improve the life quality of individuals on the autism spectrum and their families with the help of information and guidance they release. They believe that each child on the spectrum has an amazing potential waiting to be discovered. In this context, this magazine will help the families to understand them.

They are very careful about being completely objective because they are aware of the fact that it is a sensitive topic, especially for parents. There are autism-related topics, storied, treatments, researches, and events that are published in the magazine. Furthermore, there are real-life success stories to inspire individuals on the autism spectrum and their families. While talking about these stories, it is possible to find up-to-date treatment and therapy options.

Contributors to the magazine are very knowledgeable and expert people. They are autism-related professionals, parents, and adults with an autism spectrum disorder. Their aim is to help toddlers on the autism spectrum for their transition from toddlerhood to teenage years and from teenage years to adulthood. They believe in the magazine that they build a strong community together.

They are very open-minded about everything they publish in Autism Parenting Magazine. They publish everything they find whether they believe it or not. They present balanced debates about treatments and therapies. They try to provide all the information related to autism. There are main topics they try to help:

  • Improving social skills of individuals on the autism spectrum
  • Improving communication skills of individuals on the autism spectrum
  • Decreasing challenging and stressful behaviors and habits of individuals on the autism spectrum
  • Reducing sensorial challenges of individuals on the autism spectrum
  • Developing the verbal abilities of individuals on the autism spectrum with speech difficulties
  • Reducing discomfort in terms of gastrointestinal activities
  • Increasing awareness and acceptance of autism spectrum disorder in society
  • Providing enough information based on challenges and circumstances

Autism Parenting Magazine, as the name implied, provides lots of information to parents of individuals with an autism spectrum disorder. Families are given access to some main topics. These are;

  • Advice from experts and respected professionals
  • Advice for sensory issues to be dealt with
  • Advice for life transitions to make them easier and smoother
  • Therapies and treatments for developing the potential of the child
  • The most up-to-date news, researches, knowledge, and information in order to help families
  • Real-life success stories
  • Real-life stories from families
  • Real-life stories in order to guide, inspire and provide needed support

Fundamental Beliefs

  • It is possible to change, even the big ones.
  • What works for one child may not work for the other one. Each child on the spectrum is unique.
  • Support and reassurance are needed by both individuals on the spectrum and their parents.
  • Being normally develop does not mean that we are better than those individuals on the spectrum.
  • Everyone, whether with autism or not, can learn something from one another.
  • Optimism is definitely needed. It fosters being independent and success in those individuals’ lives.
  • Everyone on the autism spectrum should have the same advantages, benefits, and opportunities.

What Is Autism Magazine Parenting About?

It can be a little bit challenging and difficult to find the most up-to-date information and knowledge for the parents of children on the autism spectrum who have already challenging lives. Autism Magazine Parenting takes place exactly at this point. They provide all the information they need. Professional resources, guidance, treatments, therapies, and everything they need are provided in this publication. The aim is to provide the latest information and interventions. Then, parents can be more useful and effective in their children’s lives.

Autism Magazine Parenting is suitable for parents of children with pervasive developmental disorders. These disorders are autism, Asperger’s syndrome, Kanner’s autism, and PDD-NOS. Apart from children with autism, it is suitable for parents with autism spectrum disorder as well. The most up-to-date information is mostly related to:

  • Navigating special education
  • Managing challenges and issues in terms of behavioral and sensorial
  • Dealing with bullying and teenage problems
  • Helping with life transitions and meltdowns
  • Developing social skills
  • Planning future in terms of finance
  • Offering treatment and therapy plans
  • Dealing with psychological problems
  • Dealing with overwhelming situations
  • Handling everyday challenges
  • Providing understanding and support
  • Celebrating families’ passions and hard works

What Can You Do to Raise Your Child With Autism More Independently?

In the world, children with autism are offered various opportunities to achieve academic success, as well as to adapt to social life, survive, and gain independence. At this point, families also have great responsibilities. There are different practices that families can do. Thanks to them, they can raise more independent children.

1- Do not isolate your children from the social environment and try to teach autism to the people around you.

Your children should definitely enter the social environment, be able to play with their peers, and live like ‘normal’ children. Whatever happens, the child learns by imitating. However, this situation cannot be realized because we are not conscious at all as a society. For example, “I take my son with autism to the park, when my child shouts or jumps with joy, other mothers push their children away.” You have to break this point of view. You should not be angry with people because they do not know about autism, you should try to teach it. You have no other choice, anyway. Even if a mother sat down and listened, and said to her own child, “Look, how sweet the friend is, he doesn’t understand what you say, but you play with him because he will understand in time,” your earnings will be great.

2- Meet with other families with children with autism and bring your children together

In today’s world, you can connect and meet with other families on social media or at the rehabilitation or therapy centers you go to. Talking is very good for families like you, you realize that you are not alone in the world. Second, bringing your children with autism together, making them play and share is very beneficial for them, they start to understand and learn many things.

3- Continue your child’s education within a program that includes goals

Children with autism should definitely have a special program for them and work within this program. This program should be requested and followed by the therapy center. How the work is done should be followed and must be repeated at home. No training that is planned, scheduled or repetitive does not work.

4- Your children with autism can learn in different ways. Discuss this with your child’s therapists and school teachers

Every child learns, but their learning styles can be different. For example, your speech therapist can have your child read a book by rearranging a reading book, simplifying the text below the pictures, making the writing versus the picture, and letting your child memorize it. This could be a turning point for you. And this situation may continue for others. You can create the same situation yourself. You can make your child learn with a different teaching method.

5- Work with the shadow teacher

If you are working and need to be a caregiver for your child with autism, please make sure that the person you are hiring is a shadow teacher. At least have your caregiver study for at least a month at a rehabilitation or therapy center. The shadow teacher should enter the therapy session with your child, if not allowed, he should talk to the therapist after the session and learn how to do the practices in the lesson. If possible, the session should be filmed. Because the child has to repeat what he learned in therapy at least 20 times at home, otherwise therapy will have no meaning. The shadow teacher should attend classes with your child when they start school. This practice is now allowed in schools.

The Best Advice for Parents of Children With Autism

Parenting children with autism can be difficult for anyone, and education involves formulating an action and then implementing an action plan. The severity of autism varies widely, from high-functioning Asperger Syndrome to severe autism, causing each child’s situation to be different. Autism treatments often involve behavioral change with psychological or even medical treatment. Dealing with autism requires a lot of patience because finding the most effective strategies is often a matter of trial and error.

Education is the starting point for parents with children with autism, not just for the parents, but also for the child. Parents should read about the situation of their children diagnosed with autism and try to consult other people dealing with the same problems. Also, they should inform their school about the situation. Public education systems in many countries often provide additional assistance for those with developmental and learning disabilities, as required by law. This should include developing an individualized education plan for the child.

Once they are educated on the topic, the next step for parents is to create an action plan. This includes working with a specialist to come up with a medical plan to develop a medical plan for behavioral outbursts and other behavioral problems. This includes identifying and using other resources to provide educational or social opportunities for children with autism in the community. The plan should focus on parents, possibly identifying periodic care resources. Parenting a child on the autism spectrum is a promising but challenging challenge, and parents shouldn’t feel bad about needing an occasional break.

Parents considering autism therapies work not only with the school but also with a licensed psychologist, preferably a psychologist with experience or expertise in children with developmental disorders. One treatment popular with many parents of children with autism is applied behavior analysis. This therapy helps the child develop motor, verbal, and social skills that are often affected by autism. Therapists and teachers can use a variety of teaching methods through this comprehensive approach. These methods can be applied at school or in other therapeutic settings.

Children with autism are often very visual in terms of their interactions and understanding. Many parents have found it successful to develop an activity plan and put visual representations of those activities on a timeline that the child can follow. This idea has even been used to teach children with autism how to speak in whole sentences.

Another thing parents will remember is to always talk to a child with autism, even if the child does not respond verbally. No response, even simple confirmation, does not mean that the child does not hear or understand. Generally, children with autism listen even if they don’t react.

Above all, raising a child with a condition on the autism spectrum will require patience in understanding. There will be times when parents feel guilty and tired. Since there is no cure for autism, there are treatments that help cope with the problems that result. Determining what strategies work best only takes time and patience. The situation manifests itself in so many different ways that treatments and strategies really need to be tailored to the child.

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