Autism Ontario (Complete Guide)

Autism Ontario is an autism-related charitable organization. They have provided help and support for more than 50 years. There are thousands of people with an autism spectrum disorder, their families, and their friends within this organization. This organization is established by parents, autism-related professionals, and self-advocates. They are willing to talk about making aspects and issues of autism spectrum disorder. They are willing to talk about the impacts, struggles, difficulties, and effects of autism. They know the importance of all this information.

Autism Ontario is one of the largest autism communities. They are the voice of individuals with autism in their regions. They lead sources, information, and knowledge. Members, volunteers, and workers are connected with each other thanks to the Autism Ontario network.

They are guided by different parties. These are directors, parents, individuals on the autism spectrum themselves, related professionals, caregivers, expertise, and guidance. However, all these works a run based on volunteering. If you are not intended to provide help or support, it is not an easy task to conduct.

Nowadays, in Autism Ontario, they are going in the transition phase. As the needs have developed, the change is necessary of course. This change should be in a positive way. Everyone within the organization should benefit from it. Families, caregivers, teachers, professionals, workers, and individuals with autism themselves need up-to-date support and help. In terms of these new changes, they have created a new mission, a new set of values. This new set of values stand for what they want to do and what their aims are.


In Autism Ontario, they basically give importance to collaboration, accountability, respect, and being evidence-informed. These are included in a new set, however, they used to follow more or less same values before.

Collaboration is highly important in any case. However, it autism community has gained more importance. In Autism Ontario, they are aware of its importance. They believe that working side to side is very healthy and important in the autism community. Making decisions together with families and their families about autism is very important.

Accountability is very important if you want to do something for the benefit of society. In the case of the autism community, it is even more essential. Everyone has a right to know what others do. Everyone needs to share everything that they do with each other. It is an important point if you want to achieve successful results. We can call it integrity as well.

Respect is a must-have value that everyone should have. Without respect, they do not believe that they can run a business, help people, and provide enough support. Equality, diversity, and inclusion are important. They value listening to others and understanding others.

In Autism Ontario, they create knowledge, information, and decisions based on evidence. They do not make those up. Because they are aware of how this knowledge can affect people’s lives.

Race, ethnicity, socio-economic status, religion, age, gender, and background are not important at all. They provide help and support to anyone with autism spectrum disorder and their families across the province.

They are proud of themselves about being a voice of the autism community within the province. They are very active. They try to include everyone with an autism spectrum disorder in an organization. They are willing to expand their researches in order to provide more evidence-based information. As we have mentioned above, gender and ethnicity re not important. That’s why they expand their supports to Black and Indian communities. It is important to work together with the community. It is important to inform them. It is important to raise awareness in the community. It is important to make individuals on the autism spectrum realize their importance and capabilities. They have the same right as the rest of the community in terms of living a meaningful life.


They value each help, each contribution, and each support if you want to join the Autism Ontario team. Working in this organization is a unique work. It has amazing emotional value. When you become a part of this team, you need to be aware of how important living a life with good quality and everyone deserves to live quality life whether with autism or without.

Building a career in this organization means that you need to support individuals with an autism spectrum disorder in order to build a meaningful life and you need to increase autism awareness within the community. It is going to happen through education and advocacy.

In this organization, everyone has the same opportunity to be an employer. If you have become one of them, you need to commit yourself to this job. Otherwise, it is not something you can be successful and help others. You need to encourage individuals with autism spectrum disorder and you need to make them aware that everyone is equal.


Apart from being a worker in the Autism Ontario organization, they offer different opportunities to fulfill needs. They offer to volunteer in different departments. You can find something proper for yourself, your desire, and your wish. It can be something more casual or something more committed. It is something completely depend on you. There are four main areas in order to be a volunteer. These areas are administration, events, committees, and chapter leadership council.

In the administrative section, you need to do office work basically. These tasks are helping with emails, writing thank you letters, grant writing, and so on. You need to be little created for those positions. In order to take part in events, all around the year, they need a volunteer in events. It is easy to take part in those events. The volunteer should keep everything organized in those events.

In terms of committees, it is a little bit more serious. There are several committees they organize during the year. Volunteers are needed to take places in those committees. Chapter leadership council (CLC) is the most serious section you can play a role as a volunteer.

CLC basically organizes all the volunteers within this organization. They share their energies and talents with each other. They can see each other’s talent and try to adopt it. They manage activities and plan new ones. They try to fulfill the mission of the organization. They follow general rules and laws. They try to make sure everyone on the spectrum and their families benefit from this organization at the same level. At least, the same support and help are provided to everyone.

They require three positions. Each section requires the same ones. These are the president, treasurer, and secretary. They have different roles and different job-descriptions. Even though these titles are mandatory, roles can change within those people. Depending on their talents and skill, they can change the positions among each other. These roles are basically determined by the needs but who are working under which position is not a big deal.

In the end, you are a volunteer in the Autism Ontario organization. You are here to help people. You already know what you want to do. You are already aware of you need to do something. It does not matter which section you are in. You can help other sections and offer your help and ideas easily. You can be a volunteer and help to raise autism awareness in the community. This should be your main aim.

Programs and Services

Under 18: These programs are designed in order to support individuals with autism who are under 18. With the help of extensive knowledge, information, and experience, they offer help and support.

18 and over: They support adults with an autism spectrum disorder in order to achieve their potentials. They create services and opportunities for adults on the spectrum. They work collaboratively with adults, their families, and the community. They develop their services by gathering information.

Connect with them virtually: They offer online events and webinars to individuals on the autism spectrum themselves and their families. Your aim is not important in order to participate in these events and webinars.

Positive advocacy resources: It is all about protecting the rights of people. Since we have, people on the spectrum have right as well. There is not enough legislation and regulations about it, however, we need to be conscious about those rights. Children, teenagers, or adults, does not matter, everyone has the same rights. Within this organization, they give importance to ensure these rights. Most effective ones are a combination of understandings of regulations, laws, and rules, having an idea about procedural advocacy, and realistic sense. A collective voice is important in this case. Everyone needs to speak in the same tone with the same sentences. This organization dedicates itself in terms of raising awareness by interacting with others.

Raise the flag: It seems as a simple act, however, it is very important among the autism community. It is very important especially on World Autism Awareness Day. It brings the light. Thus, they build stronger communities. It is important to be a part of this amazing day with this organization.

Webinars: These webinars are highly convenient and useful. They are interactive, easy to reach, and easy to understand. They are based on up-to-date research findings, advocacy, building resources, tools to keep them safe, and strategies to boost their life quality.

French language services: The services they have already provided are offered in French as well. They provide these services in the best way possible. Families are very pleased with these services.

Finding a professional: Throughout this organization, you can easily reach autism-related professionals. These professionals are occupational therapists, physicians, mental health professionals, psychologists, psychiatrists, speech-language pathologists, social workers, massage therapists, and experienced autism-related service providers.

Service providers and adding list: Thanks to the list they provide, you can easily find the proper help you need. You can easily get the support you need. No matter children, adolescents, or adults, you can find what you are looking for.

Getting involved: They are a leading source in their region. They always support individuals with autism and their families. They are the voice of the autism community in their areas. They are always looking for new volunteers to participate in their organization.

Address: 1179 King Street West, Suite 004, Toronto, ON, M6K 3C5

Phone: 416-246-9592


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