AutismOne Organization (Complete Guide)

AutismOne is a non-profit organization. It is established and funded by parents of children with an autism spectrum disorder. In this organization, they provide information, education, training, and supports to autism-related families. Because they know very well how hard it could be. 

They believe that autism spectrum disorder is a preventable condition. It happens as a result of environmental factors. There is no gene included at all. That’s why in this organization they believe that they can treat autism and they do their activities by supporting this idea. Diseases that individuals with autism suffer from are treatable ones. For example, allergies, nutritional deficiencies, gut bugs, autoimmune diseases, antioxidant deficiencies, and so on. 

Education is an important point for autism-related families. More than its importance, it is a must for them. In this organization, at least, they believe in that way. With the help of the tools they provide, they help families about prevention, diagnosis, recovery, safety, living with it, and change. These tools are The AutismOne Conference, AutismOne Radio, AutismOne Outreach, Autism in Action, and so on. They organize different events at different times of the year. 

  • AutismOne Conferences

The conferences they organize are very comprehensive. We can say that they are even the most comprehensive ones you can find enough information about autism spectrum disorder. It is a 5-day event and is organized every year. It is mostly about education for parents and autism-related professionals. They provide the most up-to-date information and news about autism spectrum disorder. There are different professionals who share their findings with other ones. Thanks to workshops, classes, events, art activities, and debates, they have great experiences and education about autism spectrum disorder. 

  • AutismOne Radio

There are more than 50 programs in AutismOne Radio in order to give hope and education about autism spectrum disorder to a worldwide audience, both autism-related people and no autism-related. It is a kind of online voice of the autism community. They provide the most up-to-date information, interviews with the autism-related professionals, and experiences from parents and families. They release schedule frequently. Thus, you can find the program you want to listen to and follow it. 

  • AutismOne Outreach

Thanks to AutismOne Outreach, little autism-related groups have a chance to communicate with each other and share their experiences with each other. Wıth this way, they know that there are others who experience the same things with them. They find their strength thanks to supporting from AutismOne Outreach. Their main mission is to provide practice, hope, and recovery. 

  • Autism in Action

Autism in Action promotes special programs in order to keep the children on the autism spectrum safe. They provide training to the autism community and the rest. It is important for all societies. It is important to keep them safe. These pieces of training are provided by autism-related professionals. Mostly these training are about biomedical enhances, legislations, and partner organization. They are aware of the importance of law, rules, and working with other organizations. It is important to raise awareness as well. And, in this way, it becomes easier. 


As we have mentioned above, AutismOne is a non-profit organization. It is run by donations. They need help. They give courage to people to make donations because they know that the generosity of people makes the difference and raises awareness. They work hard to make sure people are aware of the importance of autism and they are here, living with us. In order to accomplish this aim, they need economical help as well. In addition to awareness, they provide healing, recovery, training, and education. All these aims cannot be done without economical support. If you are willing to help AutismOne, it is more than welcome. Each contribution has meaning in this context. 

Autism Spectrum Disorder

Autism is a disorder that affects and is affected by different system abnormalities. These system abnormalities can occur as neurological, immune, developmental, and mostly communicative. It is called a spectrum disorder because it is hard to make certain differences and give certain definitions of disorders on the spectrum. That’s why it is called collectively. 

It affects many things as well as is affected by many things. Perception of community, perception of an individual, insurance, funding, researches, diagnosis, care, and treatment is one of those affected aspects. The definition has been covered many aspects and realities we do not even realize. There is no need for everyone to experience exactly the same struggles and difficulties. Everyone is unique and everyone has different experiences. They made this broad definition in the beginning because if you say it, you make it real. If you make the definition, you try to find the solution. 

If you want to reach up-to-date definitions, it is recommended to follow DSM-5 run pages. They make a list. Even though there are different definitions, eventually they have the same main purpose. They have common elements and aspects. In each of them, autism is defined as a disorder. Autism is accepted as a psychiatric condition. That’s why it is defined in DSM which is the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. Even though there are controversies behind it, it is the most accepted version. It does not matter actually because it has a domino effect. If something affects all your body systems, eventually there will be psychological consequences as well. 

Pair-wise labeling is very common in the field of psychology. However, in the case of autism, it is not the right labeling. Autism-autistic labeling is not true for individuals on the autism spectrum. Instead of calling them autistic, it should be ‘individual with autism’. Even though it is a life-long condition, labeling is important in this case. Because accepting them autistic limits diagnosis, care, and treatment. 

If it is accepted as an autistic, the disorder part has been ignored as a disorder. It would be the biggest failure. It limits and prohibits the support and needs they can get. In this case, perception of the community is important and it can be developed by terms first of all. 

Autism is a disease. Autism is a disorder. It affects the systems and it is affected by abnormalities in the systems. It is important to make the definition correct. It is a pathological condition. It results from different causes, for example, genetics, birth abnormalities, infection and vaccines, environmental factors, and so on. It can affect any groups and ages. It has many identifiable sings but these signs do not have to show themselves at the same level in each individual. 

After all this information, we know that they are overwhelming. At this point, AutismOne is a non-profit organization that helps you when you need it. They are willing to provide information and support because they are aware of the struggles and challenges individuals with autism or their families can live through. 

Autism-Related Toys You Can Find on Amazon

There are many different options available for different purposes. They can be used as a stress reliever, distraction, or anything you want. They can be used by adults, children, toddlers, and babies. They are highly useful most of the time. Parents also get benefit from them. 

Intock Magnetic Blocks, 40 Pieces Magnetic Cubes, Innovative Magnetic Building Blocks for Kids, Autism Toys Magic Cube, Sensory Toys for Kids

There are 40 colorful pieces in this educational set. They are both educational and stress relief toys. It boosts creativity. It suppresses the anxiety and stress levels of individuals with an autism spectrum disorder. They are easy to build, easy to create, and easy to store. By developing creativity, they develop learning as well. They help children with autism to develop life skills. We have said that it is for children but they are proper for all ages. These blocks are good for imagination as well. They provide unlimited imagination skills. There are unlimited ways to play with them. It provides an opportunity to learn through playing. Its price is highly affordable with these benefits. 

Fi-gent Sensory Fidget Toys Bundle-DNA Stress Relief Balls with Fidget Hand Toys for Anxiety Kids & Adults-Calming Toys for ADHD Autism Anxiety

This is an anxiety reliever kit that includes many different toys in it. These toys are fluffy slime, mini cubes, animal squishes, liquid motion, stress balls, bike chain, marble toys, stretchy squeeze toys, rainbow cube, and fidget cube. They are in cute design. They are very stretchy and sticky. Children will not understand how time is passing with these toys. It helps with sensory issues and hyperactivity issues. That’s why it is perfect for individuals with an autism spectrum disorder. It has a soothing effect. It helps them to keep the focus on something. It is also an educational setting for those individuals. Apart from children, it is suitable for all ages. The only thing you need to be careful about is that due to its stickiness, you need to clean them frequently. Nevertheless, you will be very happy with your purchase. 

IPIDIPI TOYS Store Squishy Eye Popping Flippy Frog – Large Squeeze – Stress Relief Toy – Latex Free Peepers Fidget – Anxiety Reducer Sensory Play – Great Gift for Toddlers Boys and Girls – Suitable for Autism and ADHD

It is for everyone. It does not matter you are 3 or 63. Anyone who wants to relief can benefit from it. It is a good anxiety reliever. It reduces anxiety and tension. Thanks to these features, it is perfect for individuals on the autism spectrum. They can easily grab it and squeeze it as much as they want until they feel calm. It is a little bit bigger than other anxiety reliever toys you can find on the market. It gives the opportunity to give all the anxiety they have. Apart from these features, it has an easy to clean feature. It is hand washable. Everyone will have fun and will get calm with this. Overall, it is a great investment for people on the autism spectrum and has anxiety or panic disorders.

HAN-MM Busy Board Montessori Toys for Toddlers Foldable 14 PCS Sensory Toys Autism Toys Bag Design, Toddler Activity Board – Educational Learning Toys

It helps to develop fine motor skills and provides a sensory experience. It is suitable for children with autism spectrum disorder and toddlers in general. It is a fun and effective way to learn. It is a highly educational toy. It teaches children how to dress by themselves. There are different buckles inside which are shoelaces, snap pocket, olive buckle, elastic zipper, and clothes button. It enhances hand-eye coordination as well. It gives children an opportunity to be creative. It is easy to carry and easy to store. In order to keep your child calm, you can even travel with it. 

Fun and Function – Air-Lite Ball Pit – Soft & Inflatable Ball Pit for Toddlers and Kids – Multi-Sensory Environment Helps Kids with Sensory Processing Disorder, Autism & ADHD

It provides touch therapy. It is suitable for both social use and solo use. It develops sensory integration. The balls inside of the pool have tactile stimulation. Apart from these, those balls provide pressure. With the help of this pressure, children on the autism spectrum feel relax and calm. It gives a soothing effect. It is made of highly durable material. It can be used for a long time. With its affordable price, you and your child will be very satisfied and happy with this product.

SCIONE Metal Fidget Spinner 7 Pack Stainless Steel Bearing 3-5 Min High-Speed Stress Relief Spin ADHD Anxiety Toys for Adult Kid Autism Fidgets Best EDC Hand Toy Focus Fidgeting

It is a stress relief toy. It prevents unwanted habits of children with an autism spectrum disorder, for example, nail-biting, turning around themselves, hitting the wall, and so on. They can spend a good time alone with this. You do not worry about it at all. They are made of plastic and do not give harm to little fingers. 

SMALL FISH Sensory Stress Relief and Fidget Therapy Unicorn Stretchy String Toys for Kids and Adults, 6 Pack Strings Set Anti Anxiety, Fidgeting, and Relaxing, Best for Boys and Girls with Autism

They are highly useful for individuals on the autism spectrum who have stereotypical movements. Instead of self-harming behaviors or giving harm to others, these toys can be used to relieve them and reduce their anxiety level. They are very safe to use. They are useful for increasing hand and grip strength as well. With its affordable price, you will be very pleased with this product.

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