Autism New Jersey (Complete Guide)

Autism New Jersey is a non-profit institution. They commit themselves in order to help, support, and fulfill the lives of individuals with autism, their families, and professionals related to autism or working with individuals with autism.

In this case, in autism, in terms of community, the most important thing is awareness. With the help of education, information, knowledge, and training, this agency try to raise awareness about autism. There are different policies that they follow and they lead to. They try to make the community understand that it is a lifelong challenge and process. Everyone including the community should be informed enough about it.

Autism New Jersey is an agency that is aware of the importance of the relation between community and individuals with autism. They work with two parties in order to enhance resilience, ability, and quality of life. Their policies are based on science, fortified by knowledge and information, and aiming to create a community of inclusion for everyone who is touched by autism and individuals with autism themselves.

There are different services available in this agency. You can get help in order to fulfill and meet your needs. These services are understanding autism, information services, education & training, public policies, and awareness.

About understanding and living with autism, there are basic knowledge, the prevalence of autism, how to diagnosis, and what kind of treatments. Under information services, there is a helpline, finding a referral, related articles, age-related concerns, publications and readings, and government agencies available. About education and training, there are annual conferences, transition conferences, workshops, and webinars that you can find. They also talk about public policies. These are public, policy agenda, autism legislation, and autism-related regulations.

Moreover, as the most important topic, under the awareness umbrella, you can find different support and help. There are ambassador programs, building acceptance, press kits, and autism-related news in order to increase awareness in society.

In order to connect with this agency, there are different tools available. These tools could be being a member, participating in events, volunteering, and donation.

Information Services

Autism New Jersey helps people related to autism or people who want to know more information about autism directly or online. In information services, basically, you can find ideas, information, knowledge, and articles related to autism. You can sort them by topic or date. You can easily find and learn what you want. Their understanding is based on science. They have very experienced staff. Those people either write articles for Autism New Jersey or find informative articles and writings to inform people.

These informative articles are written or found by expert people. Or, in the end, those people check those them. These areas are psychology, early intervention, special education, adult issues and struggles, insurance, economy, and even much more than that. Their sources are highly reliable and trustable.

Education and Training

In Autism New Jersey, they organize events related to autism. These events are conferences, meetings, debates, etc. These are basically events in order to inform people and try to raise awareness about individuals with autism around us, in society, in the environment we are living in.

In those events, it is easy to find critical topics for parents, science-based information, reliable resources, support for all ages, and interactive exhibits. It gives an opportunity for those people to know other people related to autism in their environments. These events are budget-friendly. They are highly affordable because the only aim they have is helping people and raising awareness.

In addition, since it is a non-profit agency, if you want to help this agency, you can participate these events by sponsorship, membership, exhibiting, and advertisements. They organize these events annually or monthly.

Public Policy

Autism New Jersey listens to the need of individuals with autism and builds its policies according to those needs. They inform people in the scope of those needs and knowledge they have. They have some priorities. These are funding, severe challenging behaviors, a fee for service transition, and licensure and workforce.

For funding, it is important to raise the availability of these services. For severe challenging behaviors, it is important to make a difference between adults and children on the spectrum. Because their needs are completely different from each other. For a fee for service transition, they provide monitors in order to help families to make their struggles and challenges easier. For licensure and workforce, it is important to build a qualified staff.

These public policies are very important. They create the base of Autism New Jersey. These are important because it is a disability service. State laws and regulations are important points to take into consideration. Because these public policies that we mentioned above directly affect the lives of individuals on the autism spectrum in every age.

If they want to make changes in these policies, it means that it is 100% necessary even though it is a complex process. This process requires a perspective of someone from the society, expertise ideas, and regulatory roadblocks. It is an important process that takes experiences, relationships, professionals, and important main points with key decision-makers.

These are very intensive policies. They include an approach working collaboratively, up-to-date analysis, challenges, and their impacts, and strategies. The aim of Autism New Jersey is to help state laws, regulations, and policies in order to provide more meaningful solutions and outcomes.

Building Acceptance and Raising Awareness

It is the most important thing that Autism New Jersey wants to accomplish. They want to create an environment that embraces and accepts individuals with autism spectrum disorder with the help of raising awareness.

It is important to create opportunities for individuals on the autism spectrum in order to achieve and accomplish their potential and their realities. More than that, it is important to do those with their families and the people around them. In this way, they experience the feeling of belonging to a community.

In today’s world, thankfully, there are lots of autism-friendly businesses. They adapt their services in order to become more autism-friendly. Of course, it is a long way to take, but it is undeniable a good step to start at some point. It is important to accept the idea of acceptance and understanding.

As a symbol of autism which is a puzzle piece, autism is a very complicated and colorful disorder. Each individual on the spectrum is different from each other. There are many struggles and challenges to deal with. It can be way more complex than you think. You may need more discussions and conversations. At this point, it is important to understand, explore, read, and investigate the autism world.


If you are interested in getting involved in the autism community, volunteering is a good way to show your support. There are different tasks, events, and conferences that need the help of volunteers. These opportunities can help those people in order to improve their future career as well.

There are different opportunities to help in office works, fundraising events and projects, conferences, and contributing by talent or service in Autism New Jersey. As office work, it can be data entry, replying to emails, finding materials that are autism-related, fulfilling publication orders, preparing tote bags, as a conclusion general office tasks. In fundraising events, it is mostly made by sponsorships. In conferences, as a volunteer, it is important to assist registrations, workshops, and set-up. To contribute by talent or service, Autism New Jersey is always looking for new people and they are always okay with help from other people, especially graphic designers, printers, marketing professionals, photographers, etc.

The Press Kit

Autism New Jersey is an agency that aware of the importance and effectiveness of media and press. They publish articles, writings, and podcasts. They have a collective and influential voice to impact the community and society. They serve this based on science and systematically.


  • Address: 500 Horizon Drive, Suite 530, Robbinsville, NJ 08691
  • Phone: 609.588.8200
  • Fax: 609.588.8858
  • E-mail: [email protected]

Autism Awareness Books That You Can Find on Amazon

An Early Start for Your Child with Autism: Using Everyday Activities to Help Kids Connect, Communicate, and Learn

This book is written by autism-related mental health professionals. It is a science-based informative book. With the help of this book, you can understand the challenges and struggles that individuals with autism have throughout their lives. There are very clear and colorful examples to illustrate the autism world. This book gives you real-world practical guidance. With the help of this book, you will learn how to connect better with any individual on the spectrum. It is both a practical and informative book especially for parents whose children newly get diagnosed. There are different chapters in the book to specify different topics and challenges of individuals with autism.


The New York Times Understanding Autism

It is a magazine published by the New York Times. Authors working for New York Times Magazine are aware of misunderstanding, misdiagnosed, and mishandling of autism. It is all about to clarify those concepts. Within the scope of new researches and knowledge, they want to clarify what autism is to the world. They explain everything in historical dates, years by years. It is a printed edition. If you are someone who wants to know some basic information about autism, help someone with autism in your environment, or support them, it will be your guide to explain others and to learn better.


Women and Girls with Autism Spectrum Disorder: Understanding Life Experiences from Early Childhood to Old Age

If you have someone on the spectrum around you, especially that someone is a female, this book will be your guide to understand the struggles and challenges that they have. It will raise your awareness and knowledge about their challenging lives. Because this topic is a kind of underestimated and unresearched topic. In this book, you can find both academic research and personal stories about these topics.

Thye tries to increase awareness of how autism is being represented in different genders. Being a woman is already difficult in today’s world, being a woman with autism is way harder. And, people have to be careful about this issue. In this book, it is provided guidance for people who support these women.


The Aspie Teen’s Survival Guide: Candid Advice for Teens, Tweens, and Parents, from a Young Man with Asperger’s Syndrome

Teenage years themselves are already difficult years. Imagine being on the autism spectrum… How hard could it be? In this book, you can find what kind of problems teenagers with autism have. It is a kind of biographical book. It offers different sections include advice for caregivers, educators, and professionals. There are different sections in it which are problems in organizations and schools, transitioning, sensory-related problems, motor skills and being awkward, stress-management skills, bullying, socializing and having friends, dating and romantic relationships, obsessions, and being creative. These are the main points in the teenage years and in the autism world, it becomes more important. If there is someone around you on the autism spectrum, it will be a useful book for you to understand their world.


Welcome to My Life: A Personal Parenting Journey Through Autism

It is a biographical book written by a mother of a child with an autism spectrum disorder. In order to raise awareness about autism, the mother wanted to share her experiences throughout her son’s autism life. From the first page to the last sentence in this book, you will be the witness of their lives. There are detailed, heartbreaking but honest details. It is an eye-opening and informative book. The main focus is on how a family who is with autism lives in general. It will be a useful book for anyone who has someone with autism around them. Because normally developed people find it difficult to love those people, which is extremely easy. This book certainly underlies important points.


Ten Things Every Child with Autism Wishes You Knew, 3rd Edition: Revised and Updated

It is one of the classic books accepted by autism communities. It is one of the most recommended books. With the help of this book, people have gained lots of information and knowledge, have found the opportunity to read the latest articles, and have been guided on scientific-based. It is a great source for parents at the basic level. In order to raise awareness of the community, this is the first book you need to recommend.


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