Autism Navigator (Complete Guide)

Autism spectrum disorder is a neurodevelopmental disorder range between mild to severe. It doesn’t matter at which point your children are, you need help as a parent. At this point, Autism Navigator is a good resource that you can find information, share information, and find other families who have someone with an autism spectrum disorder.

It is a unique and intensive collection of tools, courses, information, and knowledge. It is a web-based collection. There are videos and photos in order to make a connection between science and the community. It helps people to understand what they should expect when there is someone with autism within the family.

This web-based program is developed by the Florida State University Autism Institute. The main point is increasing primary care, early intervention, and other services. Furthermore, helping families and serving children with autism are other main points that the program obtained.

Having a child with autism also brings some responsibilities. It is obvious that these families and their children should be clearly understood by the people around them and treated accordingly. However, since there is no awareness of autism in society in general, families with autism also encounter various problems while raising their children.

When the family with a child with normal development and the family with a child with autism are compared, obvious problems arise. Most families with autism have problems due to differences in social lifestyles. They also get tired more during the time they spend. These families have to adapt their own lifestyle completely to their children. It is also predictable that this process is very tiring. However, most people in the environment cannot imagine the difficulties that families with a child with autism may experience.

Among the troubles experienced are the situations arising from the ignorance of the people around autism. People who are not familiar with autism cannot predict and perceive the actions that children with autism will do since they are not aware of autism. For this reason, the number of people who have a relationship in the social environment decreases, and social activities such as family visits and friend interviews also decrease as the daily life routine is adjusted for the child.

It is true that if you have a child with autism, you should spend most of your time on its development. However, due to the concern that your child’s excessive movements will be perceived as wrong by society, sociability is reduced. Nevertheless, what parents need to do is to try to explain in the simplest language that their children have to interact in a special environment in every environment they enter. At this point, help from trainers and psychological counselors can be obtained.

There are different courses provided in this web-based collection. According to your need, you can purchase and join a couple of them. Pricing depends on what kind, of course, you want to join, whether individual or group courses. For example;

Social Communication Development in Toddlers and Infants

Whether with autism or without autism, social communication is an important milestone in human life. This course is designed as an education model. It is for university students. It includes different topics. These topics are child development, communication disorders, psychology, social work, early childhood education, family medicine, special education, and other fields related to social communication. It is a self-paced course. There are videos to illustrate behaviors.

Classroom Success in Prek to 2nd Grade

We know that it is hard to deal with children, and even harder to deal with children with autism for children. Because of this reason, these sessions would be a good idea to understand them at some point. It contains 15 to 20 hours of professional development online sessions. There are slides that are videos in it as an example.

It is specifically designed for increasing success in the classroom environment. Mostly, preschool teachers, kindergarten teachers, primary school teachers, special educators, therapists, special are teachers, or any profession to help children with autism in school environments participate in this online course. Without purchasing special materials, you can participate. Materials are already available in the videos to illustrate you.

A good classroom teacher who can communicate well with students with autism who may experience many difficulties should help the child to learn more easily, and help them mingle with other children. It is very important for teachers to pay attention to some important points, both for the other students, the special child and the general situation of the class.

It will be in the long-term benefit of the child with autism if the family informs the teacher about any sensory problems that the student with autism may experience in the classroom. A conscious teacher should assist the child with autism in this problem. Students with autism often feel uncomfortable with the classroom environment. In this context, the teacher should encourage other students by telling them to be calmer. Just before a child with autism comes to their classes, informing other children about this can help them to prepare for this situation more easily.

Primary Care

It is an interactive course. It is designed for the general population, no matter you have someone with autism or not. Even though it is for the general population, mostly it is designed for professionals. It is for physicians and other health care providers who work for primary care services. It is an 8-hour informative course. It is designed to increase the awareness of community and early detection of autism spectrum disorder. It helps with sharing information between healthcare providers and families with autism.

JumpStart to Coaching in Everyday Activities

It is a 20-hours of self-paced course. It is a kind of interprofessional training for families. There are 2 books included as well. In this way, families can learn how to deal with everyday activities. Moreover, in the end, you will have a chance to invite other families or participate in other families’ invitation for 10 sessions.

Early Intervention Providers – Knowledge and Skills

It is designed for care providers of children who are newborns to 3 years old. It is a 30-hours self-paced course. It covers 5 topics with examples. These topics are improving early detection, collaborating with families, developmental perspectives, evidence-based intervention strategies, and understanding challenging behaviors. Because these topics could be very challenging for caregivers. They need those kinds of courses that are needed for them.

People are invited to participate in interactive webinars sessions each month. Each session has different main points and topics. Each session has different briefs and discussions. Eventually, at the end of the courses, you will get 5 sessions to invite other families you know who have someone with autism in their lives.

Different treatment methods, alternative methods, and new discoveries are the greatest hope of parents who have children with autism. However, it is a fact that education is one of the most effective methods in the treatment of autism. Establishing the diagnosis of autism especially before the age of 3 and starting the necessary training. It is very important for the child to develop his self-care skills, to be included in society, and to continue his education.

The earlier the diagnosis of autism is made, the more progress is made, but it is stated by specialists that a child with autism who started education at the age of 2 years of age has developed in speech and other academic skills close to their peers if they receive an average of 2-5 years of intensive education.

Families should pay attention to individual education and should definitely not hinder their children’s education. They should benefit their children from preschool education. They should put their children in social settings. They should try not to change too many doctors or educators. And more importantly, they should take care to cooperate with the educator. Families should ensure that their children with autism receive inclusive education with other peers. They should follow new methods in the education of their children.

Autism in Toddlers

It is the first course of this web-based resource. It is proper for everyone related to autism. Unfortunately, autism, a brain disease, has no medical treatment. However, with early diagnosis, children with autism can be made to do some work on their own with proper and one-to-one education. In some cases, with the education the child receives, the child can almost be able to eliminate this disease, but it cannot be completely cured.

What the family will do is to start education with early diagnosis as soon as possible. For this, especially the parents need to observe their babies very well from the second month and try to understand whether they have autism symptoms or not. The most important is whether they make eye contact or not. The baby does not make eye contact with the other person around them, especially the mother. They do not follow anything with their eyes, do not react to sounds. Children with autism do not feel the need to communicate and do not speak, because they do not understand what it is for.

Autism in Toddlers – Professional Development Version

It consists of videos of toddlers who have autism spectrum disorder. It is a great course if you want to extend your knowledge and help them more. Even more, when you complete the sessions, you will get a certificate.
How-To Guide for Families: There are strategies, examples, ways, and supports in this course. It is for families in order to improve the lives of their children on the spectrum. Because having a child with autism is a challenging process. It is a 24-hours job. Even though he or she is your child, at some point you don’t know what to do and how to do, so, it is a helpful course in this case. It is a web-based but interactive course.

Raising a healthy child is what most parents want most. The baby may not have physical discomfort after birth, but mental problems may appear later on. One of these problems is autism. Families usually see the symptoms of autism in their children within the first 3 years of age. Most often they need suggestions in this process. The first problems that families face are symptoms such as their children being unresponsive when they call out, having a late response, and having difficulty interacting socially.

After their children are diagnosed with autism, families also have great duties. Parents whose children are diagnosed with autism may experience great sadness. In such cases, getting psychological support is both beneficial and guiding. Mothers and fathers with children with autism should always take care of themselves and be positive with the child. Keeping the family strong is important for the mental health of the child. If it affects the child positively, it is beneficial to allow and act in harmony with a harmless routine.

Information that should be obtained in every child-related problem should be obtained from experts and reliable sources. Otherwise, there may be consequences that may worsen the situation for both children and families. Keeping in touch with support groups with other families with children with autism can always benefit families. The child’s educational process needs to be well monitored, families should be constantly involved in this process and help their children in the mental development of the child.

Mothers and fathers should be aware of their child’s mental development boundary and behave accordingly. Although autism is not treated completely, mothers and fathers should not forget that many individuals with autism can have a healthy life with proper education and early treatment. However, a child can achieve certain successes in life.

ASD Video Glossary

It is related to making parents understand the early signs of autism spectrum disorder. It has been available for free since 2007. There are more than 100 videos related to autism. It shows typical behaviors of autism and which signs are red flags of autism. Moreover, there are more than 100 video clips as an example of autism treatments and how treatments should be. These videos are updated constantly in the frame of DSM-5.

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