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The Autism Learning Center (ALC) /

It was founded in September 1997 as a nonprofit organization in order to meet the tremendous need for comprehensive ABA services for children with an autism spectrum disorder in Northern Virginia. The BCBA Clinical Directors create individualized programs to meet the needs of each child based on clinical experience and research in applied behavior analysis.

Home-based services that they provide allow ABA trained RBT (Registered Behavioral Technician) staff to provide intensive one-on-one therapy focusing not only on academic goals but also on all aspects of the child’s life. The curriculum emphasizes communication skills based on Skinner’s theory of verbal behavior, a variety of self–help skills, and social skills, with a focus of generalization to the natural environment. With all activities, they emphasize increasing verbal behavior, the spontaneity of language, and teaching in the child’s natural setting.

ALC emphasizes a positive and systematic approach to teaching skills and reducing problematic behaviors. They take a creative and flexible approach, capitalizing on the resources available for each child. While there are certain teaching techniques that they have consistently found more effective, they also recognize that each person providing therapy has their own individual style and unique contribution to make to the therapy process.

Early in the therapy process, everyone needs to adhere closely to the therapy protocol. As the child masters skills, they encourage variability in style so that the learning generalizes to all persons and places in the child’s environment.

The curriculum that they provide is tailored to the individual needs of each child on the autism spectrum. They mostly focus on skills that the child will need to be successful in a variety of settings and enjoy life to the fullest. This includes the typical areas of deficit for children with autism, including communication, social, and cognitive skills. This often involves active teaching of skills, such as imitation and play that children with autism may not develop independently. A strong emphasis is placed on learning language skills using the principles of Skinner’s verbal behavior.

The curriculum includes a range of self-help skills; from basic skills to more advanced skills. Often children with autism need specific instruction to generalize skills they learn from one setting to another, or from one teacher to another. The curriculum also includes opportunities to address the child’s need to practice new skills in a variety of settings and with a variety of people, including their peers. When appropriate, the program is also able to provide instructors to shadow the child at school, camp, or other community settings.

The curriculum is developmentally sequenced so that easier concepts are taught first and complex skills are introduced as the child learns the prerequisite skills. It is important to build upon a child’s strengths and interests and expand those skills while teaching new ones.

Services that They Offer

  • Fully managed and staffed Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) program
  • All Analysts are licensed by the Virginia Board of Medicine
  • They work with all major insurance companies
  • In a network with Carefirst BCBS and Aetna
  • BCBA Clinical Management
  • ABA trained instructors to provide 12-30 hours of home-based therapy per week, all are RBTs
  • Instructor positions require a BS in psychology and a minimum of 3 months training
  • Individualized curriculum

Fully Managed Program

  • Intensive Behavioral Treatment: They provide Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) instructional staff who will provide between 9 hours to 30 hours of treatment per week. All ABA instructional staff are RBT certified. The focus of treatment is on developing language, cognitive, social, self-help, and play skills that are critical to the success of the child on the autism spectrum. This intensive individualized treatment maximizes the child’s progress in these skill areas.
  • Clinical and Case Management: Clinical and case management is provided by Board Certified BCBA’s. Services include curriculum assessment, program development, evaluation, and refinement. The case manager conducts monthly meetings with the family and instructional team in order to assess ongoing progress and make curriculum changes. During meetings, questions may be addressed regarding behaviors, curriculum progress, and other parental concerns. Monthly session observations allow the case manager to further assess the child’s progress and curriculum and to provide his or her team of instructors with ongoing training. Case managers can also provide school observations, collaboration with school staff and other service providers, and assistance with IEP development.


  • Address: 7600 Leesburg Pike #410, Falls Church, VA 22043
  • Phone: (703) 506-1930
  • E-Mail: [email protected]

The Autism Learning Center/

The facility includes a playroom, individual therapy rooms, a reading room, a game room and a conference room where they provide training for parents and professionals. They provide quality Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) to children with an autism spectrum disorder or other developmental disabilities.

They are dedicated to providing interventions based on the principles of ABA to motivate children with autism spectrum disorders and other developmental delays to independently communicate, play and socially engage in their community. The goal is to provide interventions based on the principles of ABA to help these children learn how to independently communicate, play, and socially engage in their community.

At The Autism Learning Center, the child on the autism spectrum will receive one on one instruction from trained specialists and weekly supervision from the executive director. A child’s therapy program will be implemented in the natural environment and during intensive teaching trials at a desk. Parents and caregivers have the opportunity to receive training and observe their children during therapy sessions.

They provide ABA center-based services and in-home ABA programs, standardized and criterion-referenced assessments, school consultations and training, functional behavior assessments, social skills groups, and research-based play skills. They serve children between the ages of 2-21. There is no waiting list for services.

Group of Diverse Kids Playing at the Field Together

At the center, they work one-on-one with each child to teach language, social skills, and independent living skills. They serve a wide range of children with a variety of cognitive functioning and communication levels. They teach language and play skills to pre-verbal children and social skills and emotional regulation to high-functioning verbal children. They also work to reduce problem behavior such as aggression and tantrums.

They encourage parents to be involved with the child’s progress. Extensive data is collected during each child’s therapy session and is reviewed with parents weekly. Parents are encouraged to participate in hands-on training with their child and behavior specialists to address each child’s specific goals and objectives. They also provide regular parent training and information sessions on topics such as potty training, special education, and play skills.

They hold periodic parent training and information sessions on a variety of topics. Recent sessions have included information on financial planning and special needs trusts and special education law. Parents are also invited to attend the monthly social meeting where parents share resources and get to know each other.


  • Address: 6100 Veterans Pkwy, Suite 11, Columbus, GA 31909
  • Phone: (706) 221-8966
  • E-mail: [email protected]

Abilities First Autism Learning Center/

Children with disabilities should have the opportunity to achieve their unique potential and have an extraordinary quality of life. Abilities First are founded in 1958 as a non-profit organization, located in Middletown, Ohio, that serves children with a wide range of developmental disabilities including cerebral palsy, autism spectrum disorder, down syndrome, learning disabilities, language, and cognitive impairments.

Abilities First empower individuals and families living with differing abilities to discover and to fulfill their unique potential within their communities. Core values they have are adaptable, compassionate, empathetic, ethical, passionate, respectful, supportive and trustworthy.

Abilities First Autism Learning Center philosophy is that every child has the potential to learn. Teachers work to identify areas of strength and challenge and create an individualized program that supports each student’s unique needs. The Autism Learning Center is specifically designed for preschool, kindergarten, first and second-grade students on the autism spectrum.

The ALC is an Autism Scholarship Provider. Programs are designed to meet each student at their current level and help move them to achieve their highest potential. The ALC addresses individual needs by using state-of-the-art teaching techniques, small class sizes, and a structured environment in order to help promote a successful transition into the next grade level.

They focus on teaching students the skills necessary in order to manage their own environment and build social relationships. Whether it is in a classroom, a trip to the grocery or a play date at a neighbor’s home the child will begin to learn skills that will last a lifetime. Another goal is to teach the child on the autism spectrum the skills to successfully make a transition to a local school district.

Abilities First Pediatric Therapy Department offers different age groups to give the child on the autism spectrum the best experience possible. They offer The Mini Kids Connect group which is for verbal children between 5-7 that face social challenges and struggle with playing skills.

Kids Connect 1 allows for children between 8 to 10 who are verbal but struggle in social communication. Friends in STEP (Social Thinking, Executive function, Physical fitness), is for young adults ages between 16 to25. This group is managed to boost their ability in daily activities, social communication, fitness, nutrition, and problem-solving skills. Abilities First use their strong organization and planning skills to give Friends in STEP the opportunity to participate in community outings.

They serve close to 600 children with special needs each year. There are numerous opportunities for every individual who wishes to volunteer here at Abilities First. Volunteers, assisting with, reading, playing with the children, helping with arts and crafts, and participating in the gym and outdoor activities (morning and afternoon hours) are greatly appreciated.

Pediatric Therapies provides speech, occupational, and physical therapy in a variety of settings. Areas with needed assistance are covering items with contact paper, cutting, pasting, lamination, etc; alphabetizing and categorizing books and pictures; sanitizing toys and games; creating speech and other therapy service games; organizing cabinets and materials; assisting with the Autism Learning Center and the Summer Therapy Program.

Direct Support Services personnel are a vital part of our operations. At times, volunteers are needed to assist staff with special projects such as general cleaning; gardening, weeding, grounds work; construction renovation projects; and small maintenance projects. Agency needs typing & filing, mass mailing preparation, special events, and answering phones.

Abilities First depend and greatly appreciate every donation that is given. There is a high demand for the basic necessities in order to keep this program available for those in the community. You may consider picking up a couple of extra items on your next trip to the store or put together a collection at your office, church, or community group.

ALC features a 4Plus1 Preschool Program

This program offers a preschool curriculum for four days in a classroom environment with behavioral and therapeutic interventions on a daily basis. Classroom therapies include ABA, speech, physical, occupational and music therapy. Abilities First Autism Learning Center’s professionals and the 4Plus1 Preschool for Children with Autism developed strategies to make taking public adventures more enjoyable.

The 5th day of the week is an exclusive option only offered by Abilities First. The 5th day allows parents to choose from a menu of services including a home visit, an off-site engagement for training, additional occupational, physical, speech therapy or one-on-one ABA therapy. K through 2nd grade is 5 days a week classroom program. Home visits and additional therapies available after school.

  • Five days per week school year program designed to promote the successful transition of children into local school districts by providing an individualized, integrated and comprehensive preschool learning experience
  • Low teacher to child ratio
  • Staff include: State Licensed Special Education Teacher, Board Certified
  • Behavior Analyst (BCBA), State Licensed Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapist, Teachers with combined 15+ years of experience working with children with special needs 1:1 programming incorporated daily in class
  • Additional 1:1 ABA teaching and physical, occupational and speech therapy available for a fee (therapies can be billed to insurance)
  • ABA principles underlie all classroom activities based on each child’s individual needs
  • Group and individual physical, occupational and speech-language therapy, and music therapy


  • Address: 4710 Timber Trail Drive, Middletown, Ohio 45044
  • Phone: (513) 423-9496
  • E-mail: [email protected]

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