Autism Bracelets

As with many other disorders, raising awareness about autism spectrum disorder which is one of the neurodevelopmental disorders is very important for both the individuals themselves and the people around them. At least, everyone should know some knowledge at the basic level. Everyone should be aware of there could be a child with autism around them.

At this point in time, 1 in every 68 children has autism spectrum disorder. Autism is a neurodevelopmental disorder that is congenital or occurring in the first years of life. It manifests itself in communication-interaction difficulties and repetitive behavior groups. Often it is manifested in the first 3 years of life. Although the biological infrastructure, the effects of genetic and environmental factors are often mentioned, the cause of autism is still unknown.

Autism awareness in the world is tried to be increased by many different studies. For example, awareness-raising organizations, training seminars, awareness campaigns and festivals, fairs prepared specifically for children, autism awareness jewelry such as bracelet, necklace, pin or brooch. Every year, many volunteers give hands and give blue light to autism.

In regards to this issue which is raising awareness, the “Light It Up Blue” campaign, which was launched by Autism Speaks, has been continued with the support of many institutions around the world. The facades of buildings, t-shirts, accessories, institutions were colored with blue color. Thanks to the elaborate festivals prepared by the volunteer institutions, the days of children with autism and their families have become beautiful and unforgettable. In seminars organized by universities, autism and autism education was noted by experts.

In this article, I will mention what kind of jewelry, mostly bracelets, are used in order to raise awareness about autism? Whether there are really beneficial and useful or not? And besides those, I will try to clarify what kind of meaning they have. Wearing those kinds of jewelry mostly means that people want to show their support for the most wonderful people they have had the blessing of encountering who are individuals with an autism spectrum disorder.

Wearing this jewelry could have different meanings or different purposes. For example, if a child wears it, it could mean that the child has an autism spectrum disorder and parents make them wear to people encountered with should be aware of the situation. Caregivers can wear to show how they proud of having individuals with autism or how they support them.

On the other hand, even there is no one around them, people can wear in order to raise awareness and support them. In addition, They may be made of different kinds of materials such as silicone, plastic, leather or metal. Furthermore, some organizations and companies donate some of the profits from sales. That’s why it is important to buy and give as a present or wear.

Besides these meanings, also there are some bracelets wearing by individuals with autism spectrum disorder themselves in order to boost their sensory stimulation. They are beneficial to wear for them.

Sensory Slap Fidget Bracelet Bands

These bands provide quite tactile stimulation for children with an autism spectrum disorder. As we all know, they are weak about this issue and it needs to be improved. They help them to improve focus on something and help them to calm. These sensory bracelets provide multiple sensory textures, bumps and curvy lines in order to enhance tactile motor input. On the other hand, they are really helpful in case of reducing constant nail and finger chewing.

Even it is used for chewing and not produced as a chewing toy, it does not contain any noxious chemical substances such as lead, latex or phthalates. They are made from pure silicone. Because of the fact that they are made for children and it is important to be in this material.

Chewable Jewelry Coil Bracelet Set

It helps to improve language and communication, sensory processing, and focus. In the beginning, they were designed in order to address especially oral chewing problems. After some times, it became a perfect chewing toy for children with an autism spectrum disorder in case of reducing fidgeting. They are helpful in redirecting nail and cuticle chewing. For example, instead of chewing or biting their shirts, children with autism can use this chewing toy.

Besides the benefits of chewing, thanks to its different colors, such as blue, pink, yellow, green, red and black, it can attract the attention of children with autism and promote the development of optic nerve.

Autism Awareness Bracelets

Americas & Americas Inc. I Have Autism Bracelet

In spite of the fact that there are many sizes of it, this one is used by children most of the time. Because of this reason, it is made of silicone. The material is smooth and not irritating at all, even though individuals with autism have sensory issues, they would be okay with that bracelet. Usually, it is produced in a bright yellow color for drawing to the attention of other people.

The bracelet helps others understand children with autism’s behaviors. For the reason that parents need something to alert people in public that their child has autism spectrum disorder. On the other hand, parents can put their contact information or at least the child’s name on it in case of emergency. It helps to make life easier for both children with autism and the people around them.

SayitBands Autism Awareness Wristbands

These are also known as colorful puzzle pieces of silicone bracelets. It is the basic model that everyone knows. It is bright blue which is the color of autism and there are puzzle pieces, which is the symbol of autism, on it. It is used by nonprofit organizations most of the time in raising awareness events and parades.

According to customers, they are comfortable to wear. They have good quality to wear every day. In addition, they are the best-looking bands. It is definitely most recommended ones to anyone who wants to raise awareness for autism spectrum disorder. Furthermore, it is thought that because of the bright blue color, it makes stopped people and asked about wristband. As a result, the awareness rate about autism increases day by day.

LIKGREAT Heart Shape Autism Autistic Awareness Jigsaw Puzzle Charm 

It is a perfect autism gift for mother of children with autism, grandmother of a child with autism and teachers for children with special needs, especially teachers of children with autism. It is a chain and there is a charm on it which is heart-shaped and autism puzzle pieces in that heart. People who wear this bracelet say that they are proud of showing their support to this issue and teaching awareness for those who cannot do it themselves.

Infinity Collection Autism Bracelet

It is great jewelry to wear for caregivers, for example for mothers, grandmothers, and teachers. It looks very elegant and cool. It helps raise awareness for the purpose of autism spectrum disorder. Because of the fact that it has an elegant shape and looking, others can ask about it and it leads to them to learn at least basic knowledge about autism. In this collection, there are different types of a bracelet to wear. All of them are easy to adjust. All of them are cool to wear every day.

Where There is a Will There is a Way and Puzzle Piece Bracelet; It consists of 5 different bracelets. First one is infinity metal charm with blue leather rope. The second one is yellow leather rope in a mesh shape. The third one is a puzzle piece of metal charm with green leather rope. Forth one is red leather rope in a mesh shape. The fifth one is a sentence which is “where there is a will there is a way” on a metal layer with blue leather rope.

Autism Mom / Grandma Bracelet: It consists of 4 different bracelets. First one is infinity metal charm with red leather rope. The second one is metal AUTISM letters with blue leather rope. The third one is metal MOM or GRANDMA letters with yellow leather rope. Forth one is metal heart charm with green leather rope.

Hope Charm Bracelet: It is exactly the same as the one with Where There is a Will There is a Way. The only difference is that instead of that sentence, there is a metal HOPE letter with again blue leather rope.

NA Autism Colorful Awareness Stretch Bracelet

It is made with cats eye beads, silver-plated round beads and puzzle awareness ribbon on stretch cord. It is suitable for all ages because it is a good universal size. A portion of the sale of this bracelet is donated by the company. Because of this reason, it is a great gift for people to wear, people with autism and people have someone with autism around them both for awareness and for support.

It comes with a card in the packet. There is writing on it and it says “The puzzle pattern reflects the complexity of autism spectrum disorder. The different colors and shapes represent the diversity of the people and families living with the condition. The brightness of the ribbon signals hope.”

Alex and Ani Women’s Charity by Design, You Complete Me

It is one of the classic designs in Alex and Ani collection. There is a little silver charm with the puzzle piece. While doing that charm, they think that “ like a puzzle piece, every person is created differently with unique talents, perspectives, beliefs, and characteristics.” While they designed these bracelets, they have been thought that when it will be shared with each other, positivity would spread and hope would continue.

It is heartening to see that Alex and Ani donated some of the profits from sales of this bracelet to an autism awareness charity. 20% of all sales, with a minimum donation of $10,000, from the Piece of the Puzzle Charm, will go directly to the National Autism Association that educates and empowers families within the autism community.

Because of this reason, it is an amazing gift for families with children with autism. It both helps to support other families and to raise awareness thanks to people who wear that.

Lokai Autism Split Cause Collection Bracelet

It consists of 1 white bead, 1 black bead, and blue beads. It has a meaning of why it produces in this way. The white one carries water from the highest point on earth which is Mount Everest. It is there as a reminder in order to stay humble all the time. This color represents people with an autism spectrum disorder.

The black one carries mud from the lowest point on earth which is the Dead Sea. It is there as a reminder in order to stay hopeful all the time. This color represents people with autism’s caregivers and families.

It has an amazing and interesting meaning to explain when somebody asks about it. These extremes, the highest point on earth and the lowest point on earth, are a reminder to seek balance on the journey. It means that you should stay humble during the highs and you should stay hopeful during the lows.

It can fit anyone because it stretches. Besides meaning, there is another important point that the company does. When you buy a bracelet from this company, they donate 1 dollar for each bracelet to Autism Speaks. You can help by buying this bracelet in terms of both raising awareness and supporting them.

Autism Choose Your Color Paracord Bracelet Puzzle Piece Bead

These bracelets are made by mothers of children with an autism spectrum disorder. It begins with the idea that creating something to help spread awareness and acceptance. Maybe it helps to start a conversation both among people affected by autism in any way and people who do not have any person around them.

While creating these bracelets, different mediums and techniques are used. It is a bright multicolored bracelet with a simple puzzle piece charm. There are also different colored paracords.

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