3 Best Autism-Related Centers In Oklahoma

Autism Oklahoma

Autism Oklahoma is a non-profit organization. It is established in 2002 with the help of the families who have someone with an autism spectrum disorder in their lives. They started to meet to talk about their problems and share their challenges and struggles. By the time, it has become an organization thanks to them. 

They believe in the organization that everyone on the autism spectrum is unique. They are aware of this fact and they try to help those people to reach their potential. While helping individuals with autism, they care about their families as well. They try to build a bridge between the autism community and the rest of society. They try to raise awareness about autism and embrace the differences. 

In Autism Oklahoma, they have main purposes and aims. Their motto is “quality of life for each person on the autism spectrum in Oklahoma”. They create opportunities and give chances to both individuals themselves and their families to engage the rest of the world. Each program you can participate in Autism Oklahoma is free or almost free. You need to keep in mind that this organization is not funded by governments, it is funded by donations. If you participate in a nearly free program, you need to know that the money directly goes to the organization. 

These programs in Autism Oklahoma have an impact on individuals with autism, their families, and communities. They create opportunities to live their lives like the rest of the world with happiness and joy. They give an opportunity to discover themselves and their talents to individuals with autism. They can develop themselves. They can find a personal pathway. They become aware of personal growth. 

Furthermore, these programs help families as well. Families show pride, become more optimistic, have confidence, become open to trying new things, and give importance to problem-solving. Thanks to these programs, they become more hopeful about their family members with autism. 

In addition to individuals themselves and families, the community is very important to engage with them in this case. In this organization, they try to raise awareness, embrace differences, and make society understand. Because the community needs to be part of the solution of acceptance of individuals with autism. They try to create a more autism-friendly society. 


  • Society needs to work hand in hand in order to serve families with autism. 
  • Each individual on the autism spectrum is unique and special enough to offer something into the community. 
  • It is important to create connections based on the interests of individuals with autism. 
  • Each family has a different, unique, and special story. 
  • It is important to create autism awareness and create a positive message about it in order to make the community realized. 
  • For better and quality services, it is important to engage with the rest of the world, Government, society, families, and individuals need to work together. In this way, it is easier to increase the advantages and opportunities. 
  • You need to be aware of the fact that these are families with autism who are helping families with autism. It is the best way to help families through their challenging lives. 
  • These programs are designed in order to develop parents to support the main aims of this organization. 
  • Sharing experiences and challenges is one of the most important steps of this journey. This organization gives this opportunity to those families. 
  • Everyone is very kind, polite and open to each individual and each idea. 
  • There is no place for prejudice within this organization. 
  • Instead of criticizing families, they owe supporting each other. 
  • It is important to encourage individuals and families to be creative and to express themselves. They provide a platform to raise their voices. 
  • Reaching the best version of these individuals and their families is the thing that they are committed to. 
  • Investing in a good and educated program is one of their core values. 
  • Creating opportunities and encouraging the rest of the autism community are their secrets 

In order to support individuals with an autism spectrum disorder, they provide different programs you can choose from according to the interest of the individual with autism. These programs are film programs, art programs, social groups, camps, animal programs, and virtual programs. Accordance with the potentials and passions of individuals with autism, it is easy to find the best one. 

In order to support families, they provide different programs and services to make their lives easier and more quality. These programs are connection circles, family fun events, piece of mind, and stay home resources. 

Apart from individuals themselves and their families, they support the community as well. They have different programs in order to reach their aims. These programs are partnerships, community events, piece walk & 5K, Bee’s knees, wish list, 13 Oklahoma communities, volunteering, drive for autism, and store. If you couldn’t participate in any of these activities and events to help them, you can shop from the store. 

  • Address: 7725 W Reno Ave, Oklahoma City, OK 73127
  • Phone: (405) 602-5212
  • Mail: [email protected]

Oklahoma Autism Network 

The Oklahoma Autism Network is a center-based on researches and up-to-date information. They promote the inclusion of the community. They respect the preferences and passions of individuals with autism spectrum disorder a lot. They are committed to improving their life quality, both individuals themselves and their families

The Oklahoma Autism Network is not supported and funded by the government. The Lee Mitchener Tolbert Center for Developmental Disabilities and Autism and Department of Rehabilitation Science in the College of Allied Health at the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center are helping this center in order to provide services and information to the autism community. It is funded by the Developmental Disabilities Services, Department of Human Services, and contracts with local schools. The importance of donations should not be underestimated either. 

It is easy to find proper programs, helpful researches, and related assignments. They provide tons of different programs. The main aim of these programs is to improve the quality of life of individuals with an autism spectrum disorder. These programs are designed based on early identification, early interventions, diagnosis, increasing accessing the proper services, family supports, and building bridges between the autism community and the rest of the world. It is important to support individuals with autism themselves, their families, and everyone related to them. Within this organization they work with different parties, for example, families, professionals, organizations, networks, schools, and agencies in order to make their goals real. 

Programs They Offer

  • Autism-related information and referral systems
  • The capacity of the autism community and systems changes
  • ConnectedKids: Building a convenient foundation with other families with autism
  • ConnectedFamilies: Building and creating your village and living environment
  • Oklahoma Autism Network Resource CenterSupporting to parent-led organizations
  • Technical assistance
  • Training and education
  • Research and assessments

Information and Resources 

  • Navigating autism spectrum disorder
  • Learn about autism spectrum disorder more
  • Finding a provider and resource
  • Raising autism awareness
  • Supporting related groups
  • Advocate and form partnerships
  • Providing financial resources
  • Opportunity to participate in researches 
  • COVID-19 resources (NEW)

Training and Events 

  • ConnectedKids: Building a Foundation with Families
  • Finding a Place in the World
  • Partnering with Parents Webinar Series
  • What Works Webinar Series
  • The Road to Belonging: Creating Inclusive Communities for Individuals with Autism
  • Request a Training

Oklahoma Autism Center

This center is for all children with autism spectrum disorder who live in Oklahoma. Apart from children on the autism spectrum, children with related disabilities are more them welcome as well. They have access to very qualified services in their living environment thanks to this center. Their programs are designed and created in order to improve their life quality. Day by day, they update their program by non-stop training, education, internships, and so on. They get help from anyone who wants to help them and related-professionals. They change their programs based on system change as well. 

There are many different professionals participating in this team. These professionals are mostly related to this field. For example, educators, pathologists, psychologists, occupational therapists, board-certified behavior analysts, researchers, and so on. They get a consultation from the Child Study Center (CSC) as well. They work with them collaboratively. Apart from these professionals an institution, there are other must-have professionals in this team. These professionals are developmental and behavioral pediatricians, clinical child psychologists, and pediatricians. 


  • It is a community-based center. All the children with autism and related disorder and their families have easy access to services that this center provides. 
  • There is a partnership between families and related professionals. 
  • It is important to work as a team and to be aware of the fact that it is an interdisciplinary practice.
  • High level of acceptance and respect towards differences. 
  • There are scientifically supported programs and services available. 

Services They Provide 

  • Autism screening: Early warning signs, awareness, and outreach
  • Preschool and early education
  • Early intervention: Evidence-based strategies, replication, and outreach support
  • Professional help
  • Personal development
  • On-site consultation
  • Projects: Early access, early foundations, and MESA projects

MESA Project (Training, Workshops, and On-site Consultations) 

More than 20 years, they have been provided consultation and help to professionals who work in this field with children on the autism spectrum under this project which is the MESA project. They combine the knowledge of each professional has. They aim to create an autism group in the public school system. They aim to raise awareness in schools to raise acceptance in the community. They provide evidence-based information, education, training, and workshops.


  • Autism Spectrum Disorder: Foundation Training for Teachers and other Certified Staff
  • Autism Spectrum Disorder: Foundation Training for Paraprofessionals and Other Support Staff
  • Enhancing Communication for Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Reducing Challenging Behavior for Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Conducting Functional Behavior Assessments & Writing Behavior Intervention Plans

Address: 2000 N Classen Blvd, Ste. A260, Oklahoma City, OK 73106

Phone: (405) 225-1102

Mail: [email protected]

Products Making the Life of Individuals With Autism Easier That You Can Find on Amazon Website

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Since we all know that children with autism spectrum disorder are very sensitive and they don’t like to be touched, haircutting becomes a very challenging task for them. With the help of this set, it becomes easier. It is a very quiet alternative for them. It is a highly recommended product by families. Overall, you will be very pleased and happy with this set and haircutting won’t be torture anymore. https://www.amazon.com/Calming-Clipper-Haircutting-Sensory-Sensitivity/dp/B00XMC5I8M/ref=sxin_7_ac_d_rm?ac_md=2-2-YXV0aXNtIHNlbnNvcnk%3D-ac_d_rm&cv_ct_cx=autism%2Bsensory%2Btoys&dchild=1&keywords=autism%2Bsensory%2Btoys&pd_rd_i=B00XMC5I8M&pd_rd_r=14d61a9e-6557-43fd-bf98-6f782fd5afaf&pd_rd_w=wTwUy&pd_rd_wg=dgXgY&pf_rd_p=500f114e-2c2f-4a43-bcda-f4dcdd3832f9&pf_rd_r=VNHW53VZ7M7PBB8KXWBD&qid=1599203406&sr=1-3-12d4272d-8adb-4121-8624-135149aa9081&th=1 

Autism Supplies And Developments Plastic Visual ASD Evening Routine (Picture Communication Symbols PCS)

Routines are very important for most of the individuals with autism. With these cards, it is easy to see what the next is and what they want to do. Even though they do not want to talk, they can Show with these cards. It gives an opportunity for individuals on the autism spectrum to have a conversation. They can learn different symbols and use them for different activities. Apart from these, they are useful in order to teach them how to speak, how to spell, and how to write. https://www.amazon.com/Plastic-Evening-Routine-Picture-Communication/dp/B01NABVJ0N/ref=bmx_4/144-2748249-0324503?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B01NABVJ0N&pd_rd_r=04905161-5321-4c19-8a3c-73e4bfe10f31&pd_rd_w=asJeX&pd_rd_wg=XcDBD&pf_rd_p=8cea7b83-adee-4ac8-bcfe-dcc442eb852a&pf_rd_r=HP990HRR39CZSYZHQTTA&psc=1&refRID=HP990HRR39CZSYZHQTTA

FaHaner Kids Haircut Cape + Neck Duster Brush Set Professional Barber Hairbrush and Children Dolphin Hairdresser Apron

It fits each child perfectly to make them comfortable and to prevent hair falling onto them. Children on the autism spectrum can enjoy and be comfortable with its enjoyable design during haircutting. It does not cause irritation. IT is a very practical and convenient product that each hairdresser should have. Hair does not stick to the cape. It directly falls over the cape. Both girls and boys can use it. It is easy to clean and highly ergonomic. https://www.amazon.com/FaHaner-Professional-Hairbrush-Hairdresser-Adjustable/dp/B07XGPWLBJ/ref=bmx_5/144-2748249-0324503?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B07XGPWLBJ&pd_rd_r=04905161-5321-4c19-8a3c-73e4bfe10f31&pd_rd_w=asJeX&pd_rd_wg=XcDBD&pf_rd_p=8cea7b83-adee-4ac8-bcfe-dcc442eb852a&pf_rd_r=HP990HRR39CZSYZHQTTA&psc=1&refRID=HP990HRR39CZSYZHQTTA 

Wilbarger Therapy Brush, 3 Pack – Therapressure Brush for Occupational Therapy for Sensory Brushing – Designed by Patricia Wilbarger

It is a kind of therapy brush. It has a soothing effect on children with autism spectrum disorder or related disorders. It is designed to give deep pressure. It makes them more focused and develops their attention. It is advisable to use under the guidance of specialists until you learn how to use it. It is suitable for all ages but more effective for children. Overall, it is a perfect calming product you can get the benefit. https://www.amazon.com/Sensory-Brush-Bag-of-3/dp/B0071F1LUK/ref=bmx_7?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B0071F1LUK&pd_rd_r=04905161-5321-4c19-8a3c-73e4bfe10f31&pd_rd_w=asJeX&pd_rd_wg=XcDBD&pf_rd_p=8cea7b83-adee-4ac8-bcfe-dcc442eb852a&pf_rd_r=HP990HRR39CZSYZHQTTA&psc=1&refRID=HP990HRR39CZSYZHQTTA 

Sensory Compression Blanket | Lycra Bed Sheet for Kids & Adults | Deep Relaxing Feeling, Release Oxytocin | Helps With SDP, Anxiety, ADHD, Autism and More | Breathable, Cool & Stretchable

It is a great alternative for individuals on the autism spectrum to make them sleep calm and comfortable. It provides an amazingly soothing effect. The pressure has given a hugging effect and makes them relieved, safe, and secure. It is highly recommended by occupational therapists. You will see the difference when you purchase this product. https://www.amazon.com/Sensory-Compression-Blanket-Relaxing-Oxytocin/dp/B081FBYJHH/ref=bmx_22?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B081FBYJHH&pd_rd_r=04905161-5321-4c19-8a3c-73e4bfe10f31&pd_rd_w=asJeX&pd_rd_wg=XcDBD&pf_rd_p=8cea7b83-adee-4ac8-bcfe-dcc442eb852a&pf_rd_r=HP990HRR39CZSYZHQTTA&psc=1&refRID=HP990HRR39CZSYZHQTTA

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