25 Fun and Informative YouTube Channels About Autism

In today’s world, the internet has an amazing power to make people’s voices heard and raise awareness about any topic. Autism spectrum disorder is one of those topics that needs to be talked about more. YouTube gives an opportunity to people to talk about their lives with autism or raise awareness about autism. There are some YouTubers and channels listed below where you can get benefits. 

1.Purple Ella

One of the first female YouTubers with an autism spectrum disorder to start sharing her life on YouTube is Ella. She shares with the rest of the world what it means to be a parent with autism and what kind of life she has lived. She is also a blogger. Her YouTube channel is also called Purple Ella because she loves the color purple. While she shares her own life on her channel, she also offers different fun and useful information, tips, and resources. Ways to improve self-esteem is one of these different topics. 


2. Agony Autie

Autie, a woman with autism, also shares content on her YouTube channel for people living with autism, parents, and caregivers. She is a working autism advocate who does not reach out to the general public. She refers to her channel as the ramblings of a 36-year-old woman. While she talks about the problems, anxieties, and meltdowns experienced by people on the autism spectrum in general, she also talks about how they are stigmatized by society.


3. Neurodivergent Rebel (They/Them)

Neurodivergent Rebel is Christa Holmans’ YouTube channel where she shares her own experiences. Christa was diagnosed with autism when she was 29 years old. Christa, who is also a blogger, shares about her neurodiversity lifestyle. She aims to show the rest of the world that she loves living with autism, even though she was diagnosed very late. Apart from having autism, Christa describes herself as a gender-fluid autistic person. She opened this channel to introduce these conditions to people who are not familiar with autism, neurodiversity, or any kind of diversity in general. We can say that its main purpose is to increase awareness of neurological differences and to ensure that they are more accepted in society.

Christa is also the pioneer of the #askingautistics hashtag. This hashtag was created to better understand autistic experiences. In this way, an interaction was created between individuals with autism and the rest of the world.


4. Dean Beadle

Dean Beadle is an autistic speaker who is proud to be autistic. He is also a former journalist. Dean started this YouTube channel to share his lifestyle and experiences and also to raise awareness about autism. He also publishes his speeches on this subject and his extensive tour on his YouTube channel. Dean, who is also a singer, also uses this YouTube channel to showcase his talents. He also wants to show people that individuals with autism can be versatile and can be successful in more than one field. She hopes her actions will empower individuals with autism as well as create new perspectives for people not on the spectrum.


5. An Autistic Psychologist / Maja Toudal

Danish psychologist Maja Toudal was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome in 2003. She has been a speaker at autism societies, conferences, and parent groups for many years. In addition, she talks about Asperger’s syndrome, having Asperger’s, and what it is like to live with Asperger’s on her YouTube channel. Maja worked closely with autism specialists for many years to gain experience as a clinical psychologist. Together with those experts, she helps to run social groups for young girls with autism. Working as a part-time psychologist, Maja focuses mostly on autism, ADHD, anxiety, depression, and stress.


6. Autism’s Individual

Emma, a young woman with autism, shares her experience and methods of coping with the late diagnosis on her YouTube channel. Diagnosed with autism at the age of 21, Emma raises awareness about autism while talking about the challenge of growing up without a diagnosis of autism. She aims to understand and express herself better while raising awareness through her YouTube channel.

Expressing herself as an autistic woman with a passion for raising autism awareness, Emma shares how and why individuals with autism, who do not exhibit stereotypical behaviors, are undiagnosed over the years. She is planning to become a self-employed public speaker one day and sees this YouTube channel as an opportunity to start her career. 


7. Stephanie Bethany

It is the YouTube channel of Stephanie Bethany, who expresses herself as a late-diagnosed autistic adult, to share her own experiences. She shoots videos to share her own experiences, to explain what it is to live with autism, and to spread autism awareness. She does this to help people with autism better understand themselves.

Stephanie, who has 3 different channels on YouTube, opened these channels for each of her passion and self-reflecting characteristics. Since autism is his biggest characteristic feature, the channel on which he spends the most time and effort is autism. While sharing her personal thoughts and experiences, she also supports scientific research. Not believing that there should be a common voice in autism communities, Stephanie strives to share her own individuality and uniqueness.


8. Kodi Lee

Kodi Lee is a very young blind and autistic musical savant and on his channel, he shares vlogs and music. Kodi was born with optic nerve problems and survived surgery when he was only 5 years old, and he got diagnosed with autism at a very early age. None of them stopped Kodi to be successful. Kodi even won America’s Got Talent competition. Kodi shares his inspirational stories and determination with the rest of the world through his YouTube channel. 


9. Autism From The Inside 

It is the YouTube channel of Paul Micallef, who was diagnosed with autism at the age of 30, where he explains in all detail how life with Asperger’s is. Aware that he does not look like he has autism, Paul opened this channel in order to spread this awareness. He posts videos that offer lots of useful information, experience, insight, and advice. He wants to show how autism affects individuals and also tell what’s going on inside them. He tries to change myths, stereotypes, and misunderstandings. He tells us that individuals with autism can also socialize and we will live better together with them. Posting a new video every Friday, Paul asks us to join and support him on his adventure.


10. The Aspie World

It is the YouTube channel of Daniel Morgan Jones, an individual with autism, where he shares information and news about autism, Asperger’s, OCD, ADHD, and much more different neurodiversity. While sharing his own experiences, he shares tips and advice about living with a disability as well. The Aspie World is where Dan shows the world how cool autism really is and how a person with autism can be very cool. He produces informative and entertaining content on his channel. If you are someone who is working with individuals with autism, health care, or education, this channel needs to be visited by you definitely. 


11. Neurowonderful – Ask An Autistic / Amythest Schaber

Amythest Schaber is a female YouTuber with Asperger Syndrome who was diagnosed soon after the DSM-5 was released. Amythest, who prefers to be referred to as autistic, publishes very useful videos. She has informative videos about autism, neurodiversity, and disabilities. While sharing her life and experiences on YouTube, she also answers the questions frequently asked and explains stereotypes. 


12. Loren Snow

Loren Snow is an autism trainer who shares informative videos about autism on YouTube. He was diagnosed with autism in mid of his 20s and he faced many struggles. Therefore he didn’t want other individuals and families to have these difficulties, then he became an autism trainer. He helps everyone in need at every stage of the diagnostic process and beyond. He works to reintegrate individuals with autism into society and tries to prevent them from being admitted to psychiatry clinics. He also regularly posts videos on YouTube and speaks on podcasts and radio about all these critical issues. 


13. Fathering Autism 

It is a channel about a family with autism. They mainly share their daily routines on YouTube. It is intended for you to witness firsthand the struggles, joy, and comedy of being a father and parent with autism. While reflecting on the challenges of raising an autistic child, they also inspire other parents with autistic children. They share guide videos and helpful tips. They show that having a child with autism is no different from having any other child and that every child is special. By meeting and coping with the daily problems they face with love and laughter, they also become a hope for other families.


14. Ambitious about Autism

It is a channel supported by a national charity. Ambitious about Autism is a national charity founded for young people on the autism spectrum. They share autism-related videos and what they do in our charity on YouTube. These videos are very informative and helpful. There are real-life stories; speeches of ambassadors, patrons, and supporters; and informative videos on the channel. 


15. Special Books by Special Kids (SBSK)

It is an amazing informative YouTube channel about any kind of mental disorders and disabilities. Chris Ulmer, who is a former special education teacher, shares interviews with individuals with disabilities to raise awareness and create a more inclusive world. He gives them an opportunity to share their experience. He asks questions that people are afraid to ask. He aims to make diversity acceptable through awareness, respect, positivity, and cooperation. He supports the idea of accepting people as they are, regardless of religion, language, race, age, income status, diagnosis, gender, and orientation, and leads the way in accepting them into society.


16. Adam’s Autism Family 

It is a channel about the life journey of Adam who is autistic and his family. They show their daily routine and how they get affected by autism to the world. This channel is created by Adam’s father who knows very well that autism is not a choice and that you need to learn to live with it. They do not accept that they are only supporters. While supporting the autism community, they live their lives fully with their autistic son. 


17. Kimock7

Kimock7 is a YouTube channel created by a father with a child with autism. There are videos shared by a father who has a son who started showing symptoms when he was only 18 months old and was diagnosed at the age of 2. The father explains the difficulties his son has experienced so far, the importance of early diagnosis, and what the proper education can change. Sharing his son’s story down to the last detail, the father’s goal is to change other people’s minds. After a viral video, their channel has grown even more and has become a channel that attracts the attention of individuals of all ages, disabled or not.


18. Alex’s Autism Acceptance Channel 

It is the YouTube channel of young adult Alex with autism to accompany us in the process of self-understanding and raising awareness. He says that although he sees the positive aspects of having autism, it mostly turns his life into a nightmare. He tries to show us how passionate he is so that people without autism can also understand these situations. Alex, who publishes videos on different topics, mostly shares his own life. In addition to his own life, he also shares interviews, informative videos, advice, and crisis moments. Sometimes it can be hard to watch those crisis moments, it is another side of autism. 


19. Autism Speaks

Autism Speaks is much more than a YouTube channel. It is the largest autism research organization in the United States. It is a non-profit autism awareness organization as well. It sponsors and supports research activities. It carries out awareness activities for families and the public. It aims to create a world where individuals with autism can reach their full potential. While maintaining all these goals on the offline side, they also aim to reach individuals living outside the United States with the videos they share on YouTube. Do not forget to follow the YouTube channel or visit www.autismspeaks.org to follow Autism Speak’s activities closely and be aware of its exciting initiatives. 


20. Remrov’s World of Art & Autism

It is a very inspiring YouTube channel that includes creative videos created by a savant pencil artist. Savant is a type of autism that makes a person very talented in a very specific topic. Casey Vormer has a savant that makes him very talented in art. Casey is self-taught, with the ability to draw very similarly to the real thing he finds interesting. He likes to draw more wildlife. While sharing these drawings on his YouTube channel, he also tells and shares his own life. His drawings are very detailed and realistic. He says that these drawings reflect how he sees the world. He also regularly produces content on his YouTube channel, shares his own experiences, and gives advice on autism.


21. United in Autism | Julie Hornok

Julie Hornok is a writer who shares inspirational stories from parents who have a child with autism from all around the world. She started to share these stories on her YouTube channel called United in Autism. There are interviews with families and experts from all around the world on the channel. These interviews aim to help both children and parents. Apart from help and support, they aim to encourage other families with autism to take care of themselves first. They are kind of a reminder for families in order not to forget themselves to be okay. 


22. Lauren Brazee

Lauren is a mum of an autistic kid and she is also a vlogger who makes informational videos on autism while sharing her life. Her videos are centered obviously about being a mom of an autistic kid, ins and outs, and all that other stuff that is going on during the day. She is also making videos about healthy lifestyles and wellness. It is definitely one of the worth-watching channels thanks to her heart-melting smile.  


23. Finding Cooper’s Voice

It was a Facebook share in the beginning, then they decided to share their videos on YouTube as well. It is about a mum’s life taking care of her son who is on the autism spectrum. He is such a cute kid to watch his amazing videos. Especially if you are a parent and want to know more, you definitely visit the channel. Because it is an honest place to celebrate the unique challenges of parenting a child with special needs, showing that you are not alone in the challenges you face. It is a place where all the difficulties and struggles will seem a little easier when you find the place where you belong.


24. Autistamatic

Quinn, the creator of the Autistamatic channel, was an individual who was diagnosed with unofficial autism before the concept of autism was so accepted and before it was included in the diagnostic guide. He has watched autism become a phenomenon for many, many years. Although great progress has been made in awareness, he has never been able to underestimate and overlook the challenges faced by individuals with autism. He is aware that many people still lack knowledge, including some on the spectrum. In order to make up for this deficiency, he established the Autistamatic YouTube channel with the help of his friends. It aimed to show both themselves and the world that autistic people can be more than limits and shortcomings. It tells us that we need to accept that autism is a big part of the identity of individuals with autism. He invites us to his YouTube channel in order to share his life stories, difficulties, and successes and to learn more. He shares various information and thoughts on autism and the concept of autistamatic. 


25. Tyla Grant

It is a channel with lifestyle videos and vlogs about adulting with an autism spectrum disorder. Tyla Grant is a young, black, and autistic disability rights advocate talking about her life and journey. She tries to make sense of adulthood in her videos. She posts videos related to adulthood with autism. She creates content for autistic adults to help and support them in order to live without burnout. 


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